Tiger Woods PGA Tour IPhone Micro-Review: Fore!

EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour is nearly unchallenged in its genre on the PC and console. But can a game that plumbs the depth of golf translate well to a mobile platform?

At $US9.99 USD, Tiger Woods PGA Tour's outing on the iPhone doesn't just need to prove itself as a golf game, it also has to prove itself worthy of what, on this platform, seems like a high price tag.

Is EA Sports touchscreen golf game a hole-in-one or does Tiger's iPhone debut belong in the bunker?

Loved Swing and a Hit: The interface for actually hitting the ball is both nuanced and easy to master. To swing, you just slide your finger down a sort of grid, and then slide your finger back to the top. The grid is broken down into three vertical sections and a dozen horizontal ones. The horizontal lines represent the strength of the swing, the further down you go in the back swing the further the ball will go. The middle of the three sections is the widest, you have to try and swipe as cleanly as possible to hit the ball straight. You can also swipe in either of the outer sections to give your ball a hook or a slice.

PGA Tour: In this mode, one of two in the game, you go through a full calendar year of golfing, trying to work your way up to the top of the charts day after day. The fact that it tracks your handicap and statistics gives the game a lot more meaning.

Hated Multiplayer: Where is it? I would love to be able to play this by passing the phone back and forth or, better still, by going online, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour for the iPhone doesn't support it.

I'm not a huge golf fan and I don't play it in real life, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour has really sunk its claws into me. I find myself going back to this game more than any other loaded on my iPhone. It's a bit pricey, and lacks multiplayer support, but I still can't help evangelize the game to anyone who will listen.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour was developed by Electronic Arts for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Retails for $US9.99 USD. Played three days of a tournament and multiple rounds in golf now mode.

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