Tomorrow Is Your Last Day To Not Get BlizzCon Tickets

In case you missed out on the first round of BlizzCon 2009 tickets, make sure you make it to the BlizzCon website tomorrow morning to miss out on that batch as well.

Just like the amazing vanishing first batch, the remaining BlizzCon tickets go on sale at 10am Pacific time at tomorrow. Hopeful ticket owners will have mere minutes to get their orders in before the entire allotment is sold out, at which point things on eBay will go from insane to completely f***ing ridiculous, and we'll all have a good cry.

Tickets are running $US125 a piece this year, and you need to have a valid Battle.Net login to purchase them, so you might want to make sure you've got that all in order right now. Then, when you don't get tickets, you have $US125 to $US250 just laying around that you were going to spend anyway. Splurge! Treat yourself! You deserve it.


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