Tony Hawk IPhone Is (Sort Of) Real

That suspicious-looking video of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 on iPhone from the other day has been confirmed as being real. Sort of. In a roundabout way. Let me explain.

The game is running on an iPhone. The developers, LTI Gray Matter, have confirmed this. And they should know, they made the thing. But the problem is, they made it of their own accord. Didn't go and ask Activision first, just... ported it themselves. For the hell of it.

Ultimately, they'd like Activision to release the game, but whether it is or not is ultimately up to the people who actually own the rights to the game: Activision.

We're sure that Activision don't want to start a precedent with unsolicited game developments, but then again... we're also sure they like to exploit the shit out of their franchises. Who knows, this one may actually turn up on the App Store!

Tony Hawk 2 iPhone Is Real, Unofficial [Giant Bomb]


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