Tony Hawk: Ride Is Not Cheap

Tony Hawk: Ride is coming with an enormous plastic skateboard peripheral. If you were worried that would make it cost a bit more, you should know that it will make it cost a lot more.

The game is now available for preorder on GameStop's website, and while that October release date probably isn't concrete, GameStop is rarely, if ever, wrong about a game's price.

Though at $US120, we kinda wish they were.


    Lets all jump on the peripheral band wagon and charge more for our product!


    And the fact that you cant play it without it is plain stupid.

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that this 'skateboard' is taking console peripherals just a bit too far?

    If you're going to go to all this effort, and spend all this money to ride a fake, plastic skateboard without wheels in your lounge room, why don't you just learn to ride a real skateboard? That would be far more rewarding.

      Exactly my point last time I was griping about this cheesy peripheral. While I'm at it, I'm going to add that Tony Hawks has always been a fast paced action game - that needs an equally fast an responsive control scheme. But hey, who knows, maybe they will actually nail it and make it awesome. LoL.

    I wonder what the maximum weight for this thing will be?

    max weight is about 140kg i think. i got to play it at a conference.
    the peripheral is pretty good actually, quite responsive, very enjoyable. would i pay $120us for it? not that much of a fan of skate boarding, but for those who are, well, you might like it.

    hey its tony hawk you guys are right but now i got all my new games out i think u will like it

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