Ubisoft Narrows Release Dates For Splinter Cell, Red Steel, Rest Of Year's Line-Up

As part of the company's announcement of financial results for its just-concluded fiscal year, Ubisoft has announced release windows for its full line-up through end of April 2010.

Highlights on the list include Q3 (Nov 09-Jan 10) releases for Assassin's Creed, which Ubi prez Yves Guillemot says will cost 20 percent more than the original and be a much bigger game; the long-delayed Splinter Cell; the MotionPlus-only Red Steel, Shaun White and Rabbids sequels.

Announced for early 2010 (Q4 ranging from Feb 2010- April 2010) are strategy title R.U.S.E., survival game I Am Alive and a new Ghost Recon.

Notably absent from the list is the previously-teased Beyond Good & Evil 2.


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