Ubisoft's Killing Day Still Alive?

One of the titles that appeared in Sony's first PlayStation 3 "sizzle" trailer at E3 2005 was a first-person shooter named Killing Day. Heavy on destruction, light on details, Killing Day soon disappeared. Until now.

Based on a newly filed trademark from Ubisoft, the game may not be dead after all, as someone at the company appears to have interest in keeping Killing Day protected. Does that mean Ubisoft is renewing its efforts to continue development on the stylish shooter? Not necessarily. Companies often file trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for games that ultimately never reach store shelves.

And Ubisoft certainly didn't make mention of the game's revival earlier today during its quarterly earnings call. But you never know. Perhaps we'll see something at this year's E3.

Killing Day [USPTO via superannuation]


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