Unbound Saga PSP Skips UMD Release

Unbound Saga PSP Skips UMD Release

Vogster’s comic-book inspired brawler for the PlayStation Portable will be following Patapon 2’s lead and skipping UMD entirely, releasing directly onto the PlayStation Store this July 16th.

Unbound Saga, announced at the New York City Comic Con earlier this year, is a beat-em up game with comic book flair, and now one of the first third-party PSP titles to skip UMD release entirely. It looks like this is going to be a growing trend. Just ask Mario Kroll, Director of Marketing at Vogster.

"We expect to see a growing trend where highly anticipated releases such as UNBOUND SAGA will bypass the UMD format and the often challenging retail environment, being instead delivered directly to consumers. It certainly is a ‘win' for both content producers and gamers alike —- it avoids an unpopular delivery medium and costly manufacturing, while improving the timing and availability of great content to consumers when they demand it."

Another hint at the release of a new, UMD-less PSP in the near future, or just a matter of convenience?

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