Unofficial Lost Terminal IPhone App Is A Game Of Patience

Lost fans—myself included—may not find the idea of typing six numbers into a computer terminal every 108 minutes, as show characters were forced to do, particularly fun. But there's an app for that.

Smallrock Software's Doomsday Terminal application for the iPhone and iPod Touch recreates the thrill of plugging a sequence of numbers into a command line every 108 minutes, just as Lost character Desmond Hume was forced to do. It's barely a game; but if it is, it's a game of survival.

How long can one last, being forced to return to their virtual terminal every hour and 48 minutes? And with no clear reward?

As it stands right now, the maximum amount of time someone will tolerate it is just over a week.

Doomsday Terminal [iTunes via Touch Arcade]


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