Valve Teases Team Fortress 2's Close Range Sniper Update

The Team Fortress 2 team isn't quite yet ready to reveal what changes are in store for the game's Sniper class, on deck to receive new unlockables, but it's quite ready to tease those additions.

Thankfully, it doesn't sound like Valve will go ahead with its April Fool's Day plans to add jars of Sniper piss as a weapon, but do something almost as unexpected. Robin Walker writes on the official TF2 blog what the update plans to address with the Sniper class, which may bring the rifleman a little closer to his targets.

Walker describes designing an unlockable that encourages the Sniper to "get a little closer to his target."

"We want him to give up some of his primary advantage in return for something else, so that enemies he kills feel like they were engaged with them," Walker explains, "and feel like they could have survived if they'd just managed to fight a little better."

That closer range addition to the Sniper's arsenal is aiming to address player frustrations with the class. Not Sniper players, mind you, but Sniper victims.

You better hold onto your head, mate [TF2 Blog - thanks, Jon!]


    My money is on an assault rifle of some sort.

    Perfect, sounds like they're on the right track!

    My guess is that the sniper wont be weakened, instead they will be encouraged to close with the opposition. eg. they get a bonus for pulling the teeth from their victims. Kinda hard to do if you camp on the other side of the map. Not so hard if you close with the opposition.

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