Vanguard Storm Brings More Crystal Defence To IPhones

Square Enix's iPhone endeavours expand today with the release of Crystal Defenders: Vanguard Storm on the iTunes App Store, a "defensive simulation" that follows in the footsteps of the previous Crystal Defenders touchscreen controlled game.

Vanguard Storm may not look like your standard "tower defence" title, with a battlefield and multi-tiered plane system that looks more like a Mega Man Battle Network game than the maze one expects to see when protecting exits from netherworldly creatures.

Square Enix makes a point of the iPhone game's job system, which, like the first Crystal Defenders portable game, is lifted from the Final Fantasy Tactics series. That means adorably deformed Mages and Archers will likely behave as you expect them to when faced with dragons and slimes.

Crystal Defenders: Vanguard Storm will run you $US4.99 USD, with a "Lite" demo version available for your scrutiny via iTunes.


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