Wal-Mart Launching Video Game Trade-In Kiosks

Wal-Mart has teamed up with kiosk company e-Play to test automated video game trade-in kiosks in several store locations throughout the Northeastern United States.

The machines, currently being tested in 77 Wal-Mart locations in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, should be relatively simple to use. You scan the bar code on the game box in order to receive a quote. Once you accept the quote, you insert the game discs, which I am assuming are checked for damage before being accepted. Then things get a bit cloudy.

While the Video Game Buy Back kiosk shown in this photo has a Wal-Mart sign that says "Trade in Games for Credit", it doesn't seem to mean Wal-Mart store credit. According to an e-Play representative, the machines only support charging the trade-in value back to a credit card, which takes 2-3 days, according to the instructions on the company's website.

We also asked e-Play who sets the trade-in prices for the games, and are awaiting a call back with that information, as the representative we spoke with did not know.

NeoCrisis had a chance to try out one of the machines this weekend, only to find that most of their games wouldn't scan and the one that did (Mirror's Edge) wasn't in the kiosk's database.

Not exactly a GameStop killer of a trade-in program, really. With no immediate payout, I can't see these kiosks taking any substantial amount of trade-in business from the video game retailer any time soon.

Trade Used Games at Walmart [NeoCrisis via Cheap arse Gamer]


    This sounds great in theory - until all the 12 year olds with the gunked up, sticky cds start putting their dirty discs in the slot, after that give it about a day or so and it won't matter what the condition of your disc is - all that left over gunk and sludge stuck in the tray/return slot is going to get on every disc after that and devalue your return when it's read as "dirty and unacceptable". I don't see these machines having any kind of cleaning solution or automatic cleaner either as that would add cost to the machine and or see them cleaning all the discs and having to pay out more in returns. They need to set a "set price" and let the gamers determine if it's worth returning to them. If they set a good price, they will come and Gamestop WILL suffer for it. But that's on Walmart to play hardball and right now this machine looks straight up "softball" to me.

    i completly agree- plus whats the bet that the trade in prices will not be very good- its wal mart after all. just keep your games-who knows? you may want to play them again someday.

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