Warning: Punch-Out Boxer Shorts Could Be Hazardous To Your Health

Did you get hold of one of those Punch-Out "Heavyweight Contender Kits" from Amazon? We hope, for your sake, that you planned on displaying those King Hippo shorts, and not actually wearing them.

Why? Because, as you can see, while from a distance the shorts look rather fetching...

Upon closer inspection, they become...less fetching...

Doesn't matter how much you like Punch-Out, no game is worth junk cancer.

[Higgy @ NeoGAF, via Go Nintendo]


    WTF? How did something with dangerous chemical, even be alllowed :O

      I totally agree! kids will be buying this game, sometimes people dont check them stickers on clothes :O.

      WTB product recall, unless nintendo wants to get sued?

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