Warrior Epic Enters Closed Beta

True Games announces that they've entered the closed beta testing phase of their new massively multiplayer online game Warrior Epic, and we know what that means - screenshots!

Yes, you might not have made it into the closed beta test. Hell, you might not even have wanted to get into it, but it's on, and True Games wanted to let you know, just in case. And because closed beta announcements are sort of a downer when you aren't one of the people picked to test out the new action MMO, they've provided some colourful screenshots to make everyone feel better.

"Today represents a major milestone for Warrior Epic and True Games," said Peter Cesario, Director of New Business and Product Development at True Games. "We are proud of the experience we are bringing to our quickly growing Warrior Epic community and with this launch, we are confident that gamers who have felt a void in their gaming library will find that Warrior Epic is their new go-to game."

How can it not be, when you can look as fancy as that fellow up there? Check out the game's official website for more info, though when you can look that fancy, who needs information?


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