What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
fallout-broken-steelWith Broken Steel, the third of Fallout 3’s DLC episodes, out this week, I’ll be returning to the wasteland this weekend in preparation.

First time through Fallout 3 I didn’t do a great deal of exploration off the critical path. After wrapping up the main quest, I’d barely touched the northern half of the world map, although I had discovered most of the locations down south and around DC.

Broken Steel lifts the level cap to 30 and also lets you continue playing after completing the main quest. To get the most out of it, I’m going to start a new game with a different style of character. My previous character focused on Small Guns, Sneak and Speech. Anyone got any character build recommendations for me?

For everyone else, what are you playing this weekend?


  • Tag Science, Energy Weapons and Repair. Then find a white lab coat and some glasses and you’ll be able to RP as a mad scientist! MUAHAHA.

    Of course you’ll have an absolutely rubbish time because you won’t be able to kill or do anything, but whatever.

  • Im thinking about playing this through myself, had it since day one and haven’t really played it at all.

    I also have to finish off Dead Space and get in some more Battlefield Heroes beta, would be good if we had some au servers.

  • I picked up Everybody’s Golf: World Tour on PS3 from K-mart for $30. Has anyone here played it yet? I’ve heard good results from it.

  • VATS champion with small guns specialty
    sooo much fun =D
    check the fallout wiki for good tips =]

  • Picked up the Trivial Pursuit and Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box bundle yesterday for fifty bucks, so I’ll be playing that.

  • I’m playing Geometry Wars. But, because I am poor, I can only play the free trial version. Frowny face.

  • Yep started hitting up fallout again this week also in anticipation of Broken Steel. Cant wait!

  • I’m playing HAWX. It’s no Ace Combat 6, but the later missions are starting to get really good. Dogfighting over cities I’ve actually been to is a hoot.

    Hmm, starting a new Fallout 3 character… I don’t know if I can play an evil one. It’s hard for me to invest in a character that doesn’t reflect myself, and I’m not exactly the sort of person who can nuke a city just for the fun of it. I’ll have to play it a little bit and see if the dialogues can help ease me into the role of a racist jerk… (I should watch some Nazi propaganda or Cronulla Riots footage for inspiration?)

  • I just finished Fallout 3 after fifty hours so I never want to see Fallout 3 again. But I recommend building up your medicine and lockpicking.

    Might try and finish Beneath A Steel Sky today. A guy just described pipes strewn throughout Union City as ‘the arteries of this mighty erection!’. So naturally I have to play more of this game.

  • A question of my own-

    I’m *cough* about to play through Fallout 3 for the first time. Re. the downloadable content; regardless of how good the first 2 are, is it better to download it at the start of my new game or wait until I finish the main story? How does it work?

    • @HotDamn!

      Operation Anchorage and The Pitt kick in the first time you load a saved game after installing them – or as soon as you leave the Vault if starting a new game. They’re just added to your quest log and you can pursue them at your leisure. So really it doesn’t matter when you download them.

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