What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Take one post-apocalyptic role-playing game, one rejuvenated retro shmup, and one robot brawler. That's my gaming weekend.

The post-apocalyptic RPG is of course Fallout 3. I've hit Level 12 now and have just wandered into Rivet City for the first time.

The retro shmup is Space Invader Extreme on XBLA, which provides the ideal break from the Wasteland.

The brawler is whatever the new Gundam-themed Dynasty Warriors game is called. I plan to give it a whirl at some point.

How about you?


    Stay the hell away from DW: Gundam. I tried to give my media copy away but I seem to have lost the disc.

    I've been playing Half-Life 2, for one reason or another.

    Yea, good call, just bought Fallout myself today, I am also trying to polish off Tomb Raider: Underword and GTAV this weekend, all on PC. Can anyone suggest if the DLC for fallout is worth getting? I hear its coming to PC soon too.

      Fallout 3 DLC is worth it, though I'd suggest getting it backwards. Get Broken Steel first, then The Pitt and finally Operation Anchorage.

      Either that or wait for the Retail discs to come out in a month or two

    im going to work out how the comment system works on this site...
    how come alot of the time the fist and last comment will be replies?
    are people using 'cheats' to pre post eachother?
    hopefully ill know these cheats before the weekend is out


      It's all part of some elaborate Alternate Reality Game.

    I finished Fallout 3 last night! which was fun (on PS3)
    So I might get a bit of Dead Space in or some Rag Doll Kung Fu (downloaded for free from the US PSN store!)

      Ragdoll's great with three or four players, though if you're playing solo I bloody dare you to get gold in the tutorial past the first couple of stages.

    I'm still going through GTA: Chinatown Wars; nearly hit 60%, though I'm so rich from dealing. I, too, will play Space Invaders Extreme but on PSP as the title music's going through my head, however I've just downloaded Noby Noby Boy and OutRun Online Arcade.

    Plus, the usual promises of Half Life 2 on 360 and perhaps Dead Space, which will surely turn out to be lies lies lies.

    Secret of mana at my mates on VC, oh the nostalgia!

    Tried a level of Killzone 2, and though awesome, was confusing as hell and my hands wept for a 360 controller.

    Also got to play BWii on his Wii, been craving to play it since I sold my copy and my Wii, but damn if that game isn't too awesome for... words?

    Deus Ex. Again.

    What's that quote? 'Once more unto Liberty Island dear friends. Once more.'

      Amen - Dues Ex - greatest

    Armored Core For Answer. I've been meaning to pick it up for months and finally got around to it. Very glad I did. I see why it's a love it or hate it series, but I fall into the former quite easily.

    @ Chris Barns

    The Fallout 3 DLC for PC is already out on GFWL, if you're willing to buy it through that. Theres 3 so far, and they all cost 800 points. If you're only planning on buying one, make it Broken Steel.

    Unless you're an existing fan of Gundam you're not going to get a lot out of DW: Gundam. Especially the sequel, which ups the whole made-for-fans quotient significantly but for some reason known only to Koei ditches all the Japanese dialogue and makes it dub-only (with a generally bad dub to boot).

    EvE, Dead Space and if I finish Dead Space, Fallout 3. Also maybe some more Diablo 2.

    Plants Vs Zombies, Icewind Dale II and Heroes of Might and Magic (yay! Go GoG!) Oh, and Oblivion. I really should get out more...

    I'm playing Fallout 3 too, recently hit Level 30 and finished the quests you get with the Broken Steel DLC.

    Pikmin 2. I can't resist those cute little pikmin. *naww*

    after ages of searching found a copy of searching, finally found a retail version of Vampires: the Bloodline- Masquerade i will be playing that....

    Yaharr! How funny that is I only JUST got Fallout 3 myself and I started the game thinking hmm this is not as involving as Oblivion, shortly after I realised many hours had past and I was wrong...very very wrong! The game world is so very much more interesting and varied and I genuinely enjoy walking around it and...shooting stuff.

    I remember reading reviews about how you end up with a massive empire of health and ammo and guns and such but frankly I'm running out of ammo quite often and running into some random caravan bloke with Hunting Rifle ammo is all that's stopped me running at super mutants with a baseball bat! Perhaps its further on one has all this stuff...


      I think it's more of a difficulty level thing. Those reviewers were undoubtedly playing on Normal, if not Easy.

    Well, I'll be playing Bioshock on PS3 which I picked up for $50 yesterday.

    I certainly won't be playing my beloved 360 Elite as it went RROD on me last week and is awaiting repairs :( 2nd 360, not happy...

    Finished FC2 yesterday...huzzah! Loved it.

    Moved on to Fallout 3 too. I've played enough of these games in my time, but they never cease in overwhelming me at the start. I realise that's the beauty of a game like this, however, I still get edgy about my initial choices and where to go and what to do first.

    Yeah I just tried to finish far cry 2 but when I get to the 4th last story mission the guy isn't in front of the ufll building to let me in/start the mission. Researched it and the game is bugged like this something fierce and I'm not redoing 17hours of gameplay.

    Just like over 100,000 other customers that this has happened too SCREW YOU UBISOFT!

    Gundamn Musou 2 is an inferior product compared to the first one.

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