What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Good or evil? Saint or sinner? Famous or inFamous?

That’s the choice awaiting me this weekend as I tackle the free-roaming superhero sandbox promised by Sucker Punch’s PS3 exclusive, inFamous. I think, however, I’m going to follow the path of good.

If you’ve checked out the demo, let us know what you think.

Everyone else, what will you be playing this weekend?


  • Little bit more of the Red Faction MP demo, TF2 if i’m lucky (its 50% off this weekend) and if i remember i’ll be starting a 100% completion run for Far Cry 2

  • I’ll probably wrap up getting the last few achievements in Wolverine (great game, but I agree with everyone that the last few levels are a bit of a let down), and get into Universe at War (which I bought in the Steam sale).

    There’s an infamous demo? My PS3 is sitting in the middle of the floor at the moment, waiting for me to open it and find out what type of blu ray laser I need to buy to fix it…

  • Hired Saints Row 2 for the week, cause I missed that one when it first came out. Actually a pretty good game, while it may not look as nice as GTA4, SR2 shits all over GTA4 in terms of fun and enjoyment.

    Probably going to download the Red Faction Multiplayer demo at some point too…

  • Finally at Half Life 2: Episode 2. I’m about to take down the Striders at the missile silo, so I think I must be nearly at the end.

  • I promised myself I wouldn’t play Team Fortress 2. But when I threw my jar of Jarate at a spy for the first time I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.

    So yeah, that’s what I’m doing. JARATE, BOMBS AWAY!

  • Damn you David, I have that bad boy on pre order

    I’ll be going through Fallout 3, maybe finish off Chrono Trigger DS and maybe start one of the many other games I have lying around I haven’t touched yet

  • loco roco 2 and deadspace need 100% completion i might buy KZ2 this weekend and hire bionic commando if i get sick of those

  • and yeh WRAPPED with the demo made my pants tingle the story has got me more than any thing i think. the digital comics and promo stuff is really good. i used to be a bike messenger in melbourne so it appeals to me a lot 🙂

  • Planning to fire up Half Life 2 again and maybe download and play some of the single player mods. The Haunted House one looks promising.

  • I’m playing through things that are keeping me occupied until inFamous comes out in a fortnight. Namely the demo (there’s so much to do in it!) and I’ve also been playing through the Sly Raccoon franchise on the ps2. It’s made me appreciate just how underrated Sucker Punch are. The first Sly is pretty “meh” but the second one is shockingly fun and playable. Sly’s light movement and actions can now be clearly understood in the wake of the suprisingly similar controls and handling of games like Assassin’s creed. So while reviewers are favourably comparing Cole to Altair, in my mind and Sucker Punch’s mind, Cole is much more like dear old Sly.

  • Wishing I was playing inFamous this weekend!

    I’m planning on playing The Last Remnant on PC as well as the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection on PS3.

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