What Bayonetta Prototype Footage Looked Like One Month In

Platinum Games' Bayonetta didn't always look this good in motion. Before the gun-happy witch had her posterior so perfectly modeled and her hair so expertly coiffed, she looked... rough.

The Platinum Games YouTube channel (via Unseen 64) shows off what the Sega game looked like when it was just about a month old, well before it got gussied up enough to see release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Most artist's seem to prefer not to show off their work when in such an early stage; but clearly prototyping is important.

Watch as a blocky, but still long-locked Bayonetta lays waste to generic guys in karategi in a version that looks about two degrees better than Pit Fighter.


    That looks really good for a prototype, not in terms of the quality of the art assets, but in that it clearly shows the mechanic they're demonstrating. Everything does what it needs to do, and so it serves its purpose perfectly. Prototypes aren't always as effective as this.

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