What Letters And Numbers Has Kojima Announced So Far?

Kojima Productions has been launching a seemingly endless stream of countdown clocks for an upcoming title. Ungh. Still! They seem to be offering clues. Let's recap.

To date, these letters have appeared on the Kojima "Next" site:

"S" (or number "5") "R" "P" "E" "C" "@" (or a lowercase "e") "O" (or number "0")

The following numbers have appeared:

"5" (or "S") "3" "6" "0" (or letter "O")

Kotaku AU Note: "@ 360 PRES C"? Hmm.


    There also appear to be letters falling in the rain sometimes, and/or falling apart?

    Also you can advance the counter by messing with this url.

    and changing the numbers after lmt05 to be a date and time closer to now (the above makes it about 10 hours to go). But of course it does nothing except advance the countdown timer...

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