What's In The Aion Collector's Edition Box?

Let's take a look at the lovely swag NCsoft is including in the $US69.99 North American Limited Collector's Edition of their upcoming massively multiplayer online game Aion.

The Box itself, along with a limited edition the female winged Asmodian Daeva Aiva. Along with what is pictured here, the box also includes two exclusive emotes, and exclusive title, two dual-sided posters, and the official soundtrack.

Take...these Black Cloud Wings...and learn to fly again...faster than everyone else.

The collector's edition also comes with exclusive purple dye. No one else will be quite so purple!

Here's the figure in all its glory. The wings and weapon are removable.

Visible earrings in an MMO? Be still my heart. The Black Cloud Earring enchances health and mana.


    And if the picture is anything to go by, it also enhances the bustline.


      What I really want to know is if we can ever buy the soundtrack seperately? since I bought my game as a sigital download I think we should have access to the soundtrack as well.

    Those wings probably wont be "faster" than the ones that are buyable at level 30, as that would create an unfair advantage in PvP. They do have 10 more seconds of flight time though. When flying in Aion, you have a flight time bar, that starts out at 1 minute, and can be improved by upgrading your wings. The bar generally recharges at 2 times longer than the flight time, so if you are at the base 1 minute flight time, it takes 2 minutes for a full bar recharge. Also, at level 40 one can buy wings that give 1 minute increased flight time, which is a lot better than 40 second, so the collector's edition wings would only give a boost from level 30 to 40, granted the person has enough coin to upgrade their wings at 40.

      10 more seconds of flight time...think you'll find thats 40 more seconds of flight time. :p

        No Jinx, Ecthorn was meant to say at lvl 30 you get a 10 second boost because the Wings from the Limited Edition are a better version of the lvl 30 Wings. Meaning that the original lvl 30 Wings already have a 30 second boost so, having the ones from the Limited Edition which is the 40 second boost is really only a 10 second boost.

        I hope that makes sense. ô_ô

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