When Game Announcements Go Bad: Thief 4

So, Thief 4 (we are not calling it Thi4f) has been announced! You happy? Can't see why. It's not like Eidos actually announced anything.

Let's see. They did announce that a fourth Thief game is coming. That counts for something. And they gave it a "snappy" title (at least Driv3r's "3" looked like an "E"). And... that's it. No information on the game itself. Nothing on its setting, no screenshots, nothing on its protagonists, nothing on a release window, nothing on the game's design, nothing on... well, anything.

They couldn't even offer target platforms, telling IGN:

As for platforms and consoles, things are moving so fast. There's some contradictory noise on when there's going to be the next generation, so we're going to be prudent on that one. So we're going to wait a couple of months to announce more about that. It's going to be cutting edge technology, that's for sure. It would be imprudent for us to say which console because, first of all, we don't know exactly the window of release and we don't know the first-party strategy.

In other words, Thief 4 probably exists only as some doodles on a napkin, and is so early in its production schedule it won't be shown in any form at E3 this year.

Eidos: this is not how you announce a product.


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