Which King Of Fighters XII Cover Do You Want?

There are two fighters: Iori Yagami or Kyo Kusanagi. American publisher Ignition has narrowed down the choices for The King of Fighters XII cover boy and is asking folks to choose between these rivals.

Because forthcoming The King of Fighters XII is a multi-platform game, there are actually four different covers to choose from. Us? We're partial to Kyo on the PS3, and Iori on the Xbox 360. Kyo on the 360 has too much crotch action going on (hey, that might be a reason to vote for it), and Iori on the PS3 looks like a pinhead (once again, maybe a reason to choose).

Hit the Ignition forums in the embedded link below to vote and chatter, or just chatter away in our comments section.

The King of Fighters XII [Ignition]


    I chose the dude on the left. The less Emo's we glorify, the better the world will be :)

    the guy on the left looks a lot better

    The guy on the left would be Kyo. I agree with the Kyo cover, but because he is posed a little better.

    Bottom Left - Kyo with Orangy firey background.

    I think they should make a pink one with Athena on it too, so KOFxII will appeal more to girls.
    Did I just say that? lol

    They should use the guy who looks like a girl. Nothing sells a product more that posting a trap on the cover.

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