Who's Hand Modeling For Boom Blox Bash Party?

Oscar winning filmmaker and budding game designer Steven Spielberg is! The idea man behind Boom Blox and the newly released sequel Boom Blox Bash Party shows what a lifetime of directing does to one's extremities.

Normally a job reserved for Japanese idols, voice actors and bikini models, EA has tapped Mr. Spielberg to hold aloft his latest Wii creation, showing expert product placement with a hint of a smile that shows just how pleasing a game of Boom Blox Bash Party can be.

Kudos go out to Spielberg's stylist, who downplays the Steven with a tasteful, homogeneously brown blend of merino wool, suede and corduroy, so as not to distract from the Boom Blox Bash Party box art.


    Is it just me, or does he look a little bit like a creepy uncle who, instead of sweeties to gain favour with the kiddies, is using a copy of BBBS to entice us to sit on his lap?

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