Why Don't You Try Out The Zeno Clash Demo

Zeno Clash has been out for a few weeks now, but only today has a demo for the indie first-person brawler been made available over Steam.

Why don't you go try it out! It's certainly... different. Despite admiring the game's unique look, I didn't like it much, but hey, plenty of people do, and that's what demos are best at! They help you make up your own mind.

The demo contains a few levels from the singleplayer campaign, as well as a taste of the game's challenge mode.


    I bought it. While I've enjoyed it thus far, honestly I'm rather disappointed with how much of a brawler it is- I didn't get that impression from the promotional material. I guess I didn't read/watch enough. It isn't even like a normal brawler where you unlock new abilities etc, so there's no carrot-on-a-stick rewards to keep me coming back for more...

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