Why Kojima Productions Copied A Grindhouse Movie Site

When Kojima Productions launched a web teaser, many noticed "April 2007" written at the bottom of the page. People wondered what it referred to and if it was code for something. It's not.

That date, Konami now confirms, was an accident. "April 2007" referred to the release date for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse. As pictured, Kojima Productions and Konami used the movie's flash site in creating their own teaser site.

"We accidently uploaded the unfinished site," Konami Japan states. "The design team used the website for the movie Grindhouse as a reference for a prototype teaser." Those checking the site before it went live were "lax" Konami contends. "The prototype was uploaded as is," Konami continues. "As soon as our staff noticed the discretion, it was switched out for the finalised website."

Not sure how Dimension Films or Troublemaker Studios feel about their web-design work providing a template for this teaser site — and apparently without permission at that.

Konami on Grindhouse Flash Site [ITメディア最前線][Pic]


    You can take any template from anywhere and anything and use it as your own. Its not illegal or anything, unless its lets say, capcom and it says capcom.. you gotta get rid of the reference to it and your safe. Or so said my computers teacher... hes a webdisigner

      A company cannot legally use copyrighted materials that they do not have a license or right to use, in the production of their own works.

      Of course, many companies do exactly that. It's a matter of enforcement, and the chances of getting caught are slim, and having something done about it even slimmer.

      However, distributing someone else's copyrighted materials as your own, is a different matter altogether. That's theft, even if the release was accidental. (After all, it was not accidental that someone's copyrighted works was copied for commercial in-house use.) The original copyright owner could indeed press the issue and seek damages if s/he felt it worth their while. (It wouldn't be.)

      I'd be seriously considering the quality of your training provider if that the advice they're handing out.

      I wonder if his web design clients would be so keen on his approach if they knew?

    Well, I was obviously wrong about the date referring to events from MGS2 then. ^^

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