Wii Hardware Sales Given Monster Hunter Boost In Japan

The release of Monster Hunter G in Japan gave the Wii a helpful bump in weekly sales overseas, but not enough to let Nintendo's surpass the PlayStation 3, which continues to outsell the competition.

Sony couldn't quite repeat the success that the PS3 saw in Japan last week when it sold more than 60,000 consoles, thanks to Square Enix's re-release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and limited edition hardware. But the big black behemoth managed to retain third place on the charts, handily bested by PSP and Nintendo DSi hardware sales.

Everything's in its right place this week. We'll have to wait for the release of Monster Hunter 3 tri- to see what kind of material impact the series can have on Wii sales.

  • PSP - 41,187
  • Nintendo DSi - 37,495
  • PlayStation 3 - 23,351
  • Wii - 18,439
  • Xbox 360 - 7,016
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 6,374
  • PlayStation 2 - 4,524


    Wow. This is amazing. I thought Japs are Monster Hunter crazy and will shoot Wii up to the top. Also, why is PSP on top of the chart?

    Are there any other sales data charts like this one available for other regions like Australia or Europe?

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