Wii RPG Fragile Coming Stateside Via XSEED

Namco Bandai and tri-Crescendo's role-playing game Fragile is coming to North American Wiis later this year, thanks to publisher XSEED. If you were a fan of Baten Kaitos or Eternal Sonata, this one's for you.

According to IGN, XSEED has picked up Namco Bandai's slack, with Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon arriving sometime this Winter. The game, which features the adventures of a boy name Seto in a post-apocalyptic world, makes extensive use of the Wii remote, which acts as a flashlight and metal detector in-game.

Pre-E3 2009: Fragile Coming to America! [IGN]


    Great! I've been anxiously awaiting a Western release of this since I first saw it. Now, someone please arrange a PAL version and we'll be set.

    Played it in Japanese and its quite anti-climatic (Well in terms of its ending). Nevertheless its good to see the more interesting Japanese games trickling down to English.

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