WIN! A Heineken Keg - No, Really!

Last chance to win some beer, courtesy of Heineken.

All you have to do to be in the running is write a Kotaku post that ties together beer and video games. You could win that keg right there.

We've already received at least two cracking entries. If you think you can do better, you've got until close of business Wednesday to get your post in.

Check the original post for full details.


    Beverage to Game ratios:

    Energy drinks + games = adrenaline rush.
    Soda + games = sugar rush.
    Alchopops + games = transformation into a bitchy teenage girl.

    Beer + Games = calmness, increased mental reflexes, superhuman strength, the ability to wield a variety of complex firearms, regenerative health, +10 mana, resistance to zombie infection, fire, shock and laserproofed, experience in the burnination of nazis, and fortitude to face overwhelming odds without so much as blinking...
    Side effects may include: immersion syndrome (i.e. believing you are one or many videogame characters and possess their abilities).
    Treatment: Keg or case equivalent of cool, refreshing, and tantalising Heineken Draught.

    Which combination is better....?

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