WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

PS2CoverSheet108We’re giving away copies of Prototype all this week. Hit the jump to find out how to enter today’s draw or if you’ve already won yesterday’s.

We asked you to describe in 25 words or less the shape you would shift into to become the ultimate weapon, just like Alex Mercer can do in the game. Monday’s winners are terrifying and ingenious, respectively:

Monday’s Xbox 360 Winner
James C – “I would morph into the Lambada, the forbidden dance. It cannot be stopped or contained, and there is no cure.”

Monday’s PS3 Winner
Glenn – “I would shape-shift into a chair. You could sit all day long inside the enemy’s headquarters, learning all their secrets, and they would be none the wiser. It’s not very ultimate but it is sly.”

We’re giving away another two copies of Prototype today – one on 360, one on PS3 – so to be in the running you’ll need to add your entry to the comments below. (And hit the original post for the full details and terms & conditions.)


    • A weird, 6 legged hybrid of a Rhino and a Turtle, which can charge through buildings, yet is protected by thick, near indestructible plating.

      Console: Xbox 360

  • I would shape shift into Matthew Hayden so i could take a cricket bat to the bad dudes head and watch it explode!


  • Also, I thought it had to be a living entity? From the original: (person, creature, any living thing)

    I’m not saying take the prizes away from these guys, the guys that won are hilarious. I’m just asking if we can be mechanical stuff as well.

  • Xbox360:

    I would shape-shift into a Robin Williams stand-up routine… Cause his jokes are all….’killer’!!!

  • I would morph into a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” book so my enemies would eventually reach their literary demise on page 63.

    PS3 please!

  • Old Greg! I’d rule the world with Bailey’s and my downstairs mix-up, the ULTIMATE weapon, a Mangina! I’m Old Gregggggg!!!!!

    Console Preference: PS3

  • I would shapeshift into a water cooler, so I could spike the enemy’s water supply with Swine Flu, Alcohol, Viagra – for any evil purpose needed!

    PS3 or 360, I’m easy 🙂

    • I wouldn’t call spiking your-water-cooler-self with alcohol and Viagra as ‘evil’. I’d call it awesome!

      I’d shape-shift into Hideo Kojima and continuously beatdown the gamers of the world with countdown teaser sites.

  • My arch enemy. After inheriting their memories I obviously learn their master plan. Combining this knowledge with all their powers, I would be unstoppable.

  • I would morph into a series of keyboards and replace all the keyboards in the shadow military group’s headquarters, to collect passwords and pron sites. – PS3 version plz 🙂

  • I would morph into Krystal Forscutt, hypnotizing men with my hypnotic breasts before getting what I want from them.

  • I would transform into a football – it might be the only way I’d ever get onto the MCG…

    360 😉

  • The band Amon Amarth. Face-melting riffs, bone-crushing vocals, and songs that can destroy entire star systems. Gives ‘Music as a Weapon’ a whole new meaning!

    -Xbox 360 please

  • I would shape-shift into Hulk Hogan and become THE ULTIMATE WEAPON (1997). I would drop cheesy one-liners non-stop in an attempt dominate the world (or at least the action movie world).

    PS3 please.

  • I’d morph into the greatest villian the universe has ever seen… KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN Noonien Singh.

  • I would morph into Barbara Bush. She was the mastermind behind the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan; George was a pawn…

  • Clare Werbeloff – The Chk-Chk-Boom girl fools people with her lies (stealth) and her racist jibes would leave others with heart attacks. 360 please.

  • shapeshift into multiple copies of oneself.
    the ultimate army, limited only by the amount of meatbags available.
    each copy being a unique ‘prototype’.
    mercer’ling rush.


    (posted last night after midnight.. so it should be lumped in with today’s entries?)

  • I’d be morphing into a supercomputer, to hack into the computers of the Evil Organisation ™, and destroy their secret plans, along with anything else I could.

    I’m a 360 person, myself.

    And yes, I am a geek. (How did you guess?)

  • Playstation 3

    I would shape shift into the enemies iPod so that everytime they listen to music, i shuffle it to Britney Spears, deadliest thing on the Planet!

  • I would morph into a PS3 running [Prototype]. When found and played up to the point I assumed the PS3’s form, I would consume my enemy and wait for the next victim.

    PS3 version, thnx

  • i would shape shift into the second most ultimate weapon thus becoming not only the ultimate weapon but also the second most ultimate weapon.

    -either system.

  • I would morph into one of yesterdays winners, then I would have a copy of Prototype for ultimate blackmailing.

    360 Cheers 🙂

  • I would be a nanna. I would be able to get past security by being all sweet and innocent, then turn into pension day nanna!

    360 please

  • A Katamari. Those who didn’t sing and dance to my bouncy theme music would be condemned to be rolled up, twitching! Muahahahahhaa!

    Na, nanana nana na na, Katamari Damacy!

  • I would morph into Mr T. Beware those with peanut allergies, My snickers bars bring anaphylactic death to all!


  • PS3

    I’d morph into a Ferris Wheel. No enemy can resist the charms of a romantic ride on the ferris wheel, unfortunately this one never stops spinning.

  • I’d shape shift into a rather well hidden cactus. People would curse the night away as they remove my formidable spines.

    Xbox 360


  • Hey I’m a James C too, better post my name different now so people don’t think something is suss 😛

  • A 6-storey tall Labrador puppy. Wreak all the destruction you want and all people would do is go “Aww, that’s so cute…”

    PS3, please.

  • That’s hardly fair. Neither of them fit the competition description: (person, creature, any living thing).
    A chair and a dance are not living things…

  • My ultimate form? A cure for cancer. Then after I defeat it, I could BECOME CANCER. That, or a dinosaur with snakes for eyes. Awesome.

    Xbox 360

  • Is it me or does Monday’s PS3 Winner have more than “25 words or less”? =\

    Today’s submission for the PS3 game: “I would shape-shift into the singer Bjork to make my enemies go insane and their head’s explode with my incessant screeching/singing”

  • I’d Shape Shift in Stan Bush, nothing serenades the enemies with Home-erotic classics like “DARE” and “TOUCH”

    On PS3 thanks.

  • (PS3) Cacophonix from Asterix. He taught the Normans the meaning of fear with his musical..uuhmm..genius. I’d probably accidentally play the brown note…

  • I would Shape-shift into a bootle of BAM then nowhere on earth whould anyhting be safe from my incredible cleaning POWER!!!!

    console: PS3, thx guys

  • I would become a faulty fluorescent overhead light in order to annoy the enemy with my constant flickering and barely audible yet irritating humming sound.

    PS3 Please.

  • I would change into a giant tentacle. Assuming it’s I’m attacking japan, and that most of their military are women…

    …Yeah this’ll probably get deleted reeeaaaally quickly..

  • I would shift into the Astro Boy, the worlds strongest robot. Flys, shoots lasers, machine gun butt, girls like him. C’mom, girls, I mean lasers.

    Either 360(pref) or PS3

  • I would morph into an original gameboy, with tetris. They get obsessed with beating each others high scores, and eventually die of hunger.

  • I would shapeshift into a cute little dog.

    The enemy would come up to me and hug me, once I’m in their arms, It’s all over once I shapeshift into a boa constrictor….


  • I’d morph into a cake, then when people are all like, “Hey look! Delicious cake!” I’d scream “THE CAKE IS A LIE!” and uppercut them.


    • …and once again someone has already said that, so…

      Summer Glau – not only can she kick major arse, but just about everything show she is on gets cancelled – she’s a destructive force.

  • I would shift into the shape of a toilet roll dispenser seemingly full, and then mid-business, I would become empty. Slowly I would wear down evil, giving them all the shits.

    The power demanded through fear of not knowing whether a toilet dispenser was full or not would be phenominal.

    PS3 is my console of choice.

  • I’d morph in to Pauline Hanson. Perhaps not the ultimate weapon, but enough to scare the hell out of anyone! (360)

  • I would shape-shift into a bottle of easy off bam, then nowhere on earth would anyone be safe from my incredible cleaning power

    Console: PS3 Plz

  • I would morph into a very simple weapon: sour milk. Sneak your way into the coffee machine, wait until break time, and watch as the entire building is struck down with crippling stomach cramps.


  • I would shape-shift into a bottle of easy off bam, then nowhere on earth would anyone be safe from my incredible cleaning power

    console- PS3

  • I’d shift into an Aldi toaster, no one can resist toast, but the blasted thing always jams my bread and needs a good knife poking.

    PS3 please good sirs. 😉

  • Hmm, do i go for witty or nerdy…. But, i’d be a….

    A really big planet, or universe, move of somewhere and chill with myself for a bit before the world could accept my awesomeness.

    Xbox 360 if you’ve got any spare,

  • I’d morph into a guitar with razor sharp teeth, so i can bang it onto a guy’s head then watch it get eaten.

    Preference: Ps3

  • Varna – Serph’s Atma Demon (SMT: Digital Devil Saga). Cool-looking, agile, with a Sword-like weapon attached in its arms (good for ripping the head off).

    PS3 please…(,”)

    [email protected]

  • a cockroach….i can live off the glue of a single postage stamp, for 1 month, or a sultana for 2 years and survive a nuclear fallout!

    HAHAHA how could i lose?

    xbox 360

  • Silly Putty Form. That way I can roll over all the secret documents and steal their secrets! Less useful than Camera form but great fun.

  • I would turn into a hammer like in super smash bros and then realy enjoy it when i turn on my user.


  • I would become the wormword – when spoken infecting the minds of all who hear, taking over and controlling them too.
    To ps3 masterdom!


  • I would transform into Saddam’s WMD. Because then I would have the perception of great power, be completely invisible, and ultimately untouchable.


    -=360 Owner=-

  • I would shape shift into myself, no one would be expecting such a marvel of fitness and beauty.

    360 or PS3 is fine with me.

  • I would shapeshift into someone that impressed people running competitions so much with my competition entries that I won every competition I ever entered… even the ones I already lost.

    PS3 please 🙂

  • I would shape shift into a protoype -Xbox 360- game case because every villian loves games and wouldn’t expect that I’d be the one PLAYING THEM!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Marty McFly, so I could steal the DeLorean and go back to my mothers high school years and be my own father…


    PS3 please

  • Truly the ultimate shape is the one of Chuck Norris, but it would be impossible to contain the awesomeness, also he would find out. EEEEP!

    360 for me please.

  • i would turn into a walking nuclear bomb and detonate myself on every single chair i see until i find Glenn.


  • This game involves military hunting ‘scum’, so I’d turn into a lawyer. I’d still be scum, but i’d be slightly harder to harm.


  • An old dodgy set of stairs. This way any old ladies foolish enough to ascend without using the hand rails, BAM, new hip replacements.

    Xbox 360

  • I would morph into Borat Sagdiyev. complete in the mankini, just to annoy the locals in the game and see if they have more AI than the Americans and Brits. Yakshemash!

  • I would transform into David Koch on the morning show and give the bad guys really bad financial advice to deal with the GFC, ruining there stock portfolio!


  • Make love not war, so I’d morph into Miranda Kerrs body moisturiser. oh the pleasures that will be had 🙂


  • I would turn into a strong door, replacing myself with the entrance for the ‘axis of evil’s’ empire, and get myself stuck.

    Xbox 360

  • I would shapeshift into a countdown clock, with storm clouds and sounds effects. After mezmerizing the world in anticipation of reaching zero, I’d reset!!!….diabolical!!

    360 yo

  • The water cooler. Everyone would crowd around me to let out their secrets and I could easily poison the ones I need to take down.

    -Xbox360 or PS3.

  • I would transform into Mel Gibson and transfix my enemies on the spot with my maniacal glare tinged with a hint of abject insanity.

  • I would transform into the Eurovision Song Contest and render my enemies stunned by pummeling them with glitter, lycra and homoeroticism.

    PS3, please!

  • I’d shapeshift into Bar2D2, why destroy my enemies when i can just get them drunk? Can’t get more ultimate than that!

    Xbox 360!

  • I would turn into oxygen, so that I could quickly leave the area and let the enemies choke to death.

    – PS3

  • John Travolta – he may not be the “ultimate” weapon, but he’s destroyed his career enough times to at least rank in the top three.

    PS3 for me.

  • I’d shapeshift into Shannon Noll and start singing. That’s how I usually clear everyone out of my house when the party’s over.


  • I’d transform myself into Jesus… Wait, fuuuuu… Oh no – It’s already begun… I’m being transformed into something that never existed – “We’ve entered Gibbs’ paradox!” I murmur to myself in disbelief, as the universe slowly begins to wither away into nothingness…



  • I’d morph into a cloud of nanobots, that shit can eat anything, and rebuild it into anything from the molecule level.


  • I would morph into an anime japanese schoolgirl. What they don’t know is that the insides of my orifices are lined with adamantium claws. And unlike the other anime japanese schoolgirls, I know how to bite…

    PS3 onegai!!

  • Into grammar, would I morph.

    Too difficult for Yoda, it has proven.

    #1 Pimp Daddy, is Yoda.

    Ultimate weapon, therefore grammar is.

    Console of choice, is PS3.

  • I would transform into Ron Burgundy from the anchorman because no one could withstand my awesome moustache and my cheesy lines

    PS3, cheers

  • I would shape-shift myself into a fast food chain that has irresistible food but would hide to the public about how unhealthy its food really by brain-wash families and children for generations using a family friendly environment
    thus over time causing people to have unhealthy eating pattens increaseing the risk of heart attack and stroke across all my enemy’s.

    Then I shape-shift myself to a kotaku editor change the rules of this comp from 25 words to what ever I want.

    PS much better then a chair

    Xbox 360

  • i would become Dr manhattan can see through time have unstoppable powers and a giant rather distracting blue wang!


  • I would shape shift into a virus like Ebola, because your insides exiting through your orifices couldn’t be a pleasant way to go.

    I prefer my disc’s made of blue rays of goodness.

  • I’d transform into a deadly virus that spreads and wipes out the entire human race. Muhahahaha.

    Xbox 360

  • I would shapeshift… into these no fat diet yogurt…
    beause they totally killed the chocolate muffin with their no-calories-ness…


    (these ads are so distracting when you’re trying to think..
    I can do the zipper credit card version, or the sleeping baby verions too :P)

  • I would morph into an “X” chrosome, and replace all Y chromosomes with it except mine. As the only male I shall rule all!

    So what if I have doomed the generation after mine, its worth it for Prototype.

    PS3 please 🙂

  • Become Hideo Kojima, stand in the middle of town counting down from one million. Then watch everyone kill themselves trying to figure it out.

  • I’d morph into a 9 to 5 job.
    Slowly killing everyone with constant repetition.
    Day in, day out.
    The same thing over and over again.

    – PS3
    … send help …

  • I’d also morph into a bear. They’re godless killing machines…Colbert’s never wrong.

    XBox 360 (for a change).

  • I would transform into Barack Obama. Enemies would trust me, the world would be oblivious. World domination is inevitable.


  • So the first 360 winner would be a dance, and the PS3 winner would be chair for people to sit on. I’m noticing a pattern here. OK, I’d be a nice shiny pair of buttocks. PS3.

  • I’d morph into poisonous bacon and get everyone in the world sick and then they’d all think there was some bacon epidemic and no one would eat bacon any more and people would be sad because we love bacon and… wait a minute…. o.O


  • I’d morph into any of the guys from ‘The Chaser’ as they seem able to infiltrate past any governments security measures!

    360 please

  • Shape shift into a vicious black hole pulling, crushing and obliterating everything within range! Nothing more devastating in the real world than a black hole!!

  • I would morph into mr T.And i pity the fool who tries to stop me from doing what ever i want ,when i am him.
    I will be working my bling and high heeled pumps like nobody’s business.
    My mohawk and lippy will scare any terrorist into telling me all their plans.

  • I would shape shift into David Wildgoose, then i can just get the all copies of prototype and keep them to myself.

  • I would shape shift into Brad pitt, just so that i can bang Angelina Joli. over & over & over.

    Gamertag – II THE HULK

  • I would turn into a donut, every villain loves donuts, and then i would wage war on the insides!!! thats not jam btw


  • I’d become Wally. Everyone would become preoccupied searching for me and once they do, I disappear and the whole process starts all over again.

  • Well I think I personally would turn into the “Ultima Weapon” from Final Fantasy. That way while I’m rumbling people would know I was ‘ultimate’.

    360 owner here 😛

  • A deadly shapeshifting dinosaur-pirate-ninja! How is it that a dinosaur could learn ninjitsu? Or even get a peg-leg? IT DOESN’T MATTER IT’S A FREAKIN PIRATE-NINJA!!

  • I’d transform into a slightly more sinister version of myself, thus making people think i have an evil twin that’s pantsing them and not me. The perfect plan…


  • I’d shapeshift into a black hole of pure awesomeness and devoid the world of all mediocrity.

  • i would transform into chuck norris, you said ultimate weapon right?

    ps3 and xbox 360 user what ever ya got for me got both

  • I would shape shift into a McDonald’s burger, so when they eat me, i will clog their arteries with cholesterol.

    Console of choice: Playstation 3

  • I would become a simple bottle of schnapps. That way I’d taste good AND be able to get inside people’s minds and influence their decisions.

  • I would become the very air that you breathe. And then, all of a sudden, I would become something much less air like.

    360, thanks.

  • My mother-inlaw, those dagger eyes are dangerous, kill anyone at 50 metres. If you get close enough, out comes the tounge of doom which will destroy you.

  • I would morph into a murloc just so I could be incredibly awesome and annoying at the same time. Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!

    PS3 or 360 🙂

  • I’d transform into Senator Conrad, and censor the worlds information. With the total lack of communication due to my awesome blacklist the world will soon turn to rioting and looting and i shall take over once the rubble has been cleared!!


  • I would transform into a mac, the enemy would ignore me because im so redundant and during this time ide be recording their every move. If macs can do that?

    Xbox 360

  • a tampon, once transformed i wait till the right time of month and attack her from the inside, its flawless


  • Susan Boyle. Singing the Song That Never Ends, I’d evoke a perpetual, and debilitating, sense of guilt to those nearby because they’ve made the assumption that just because I’m not ridiculously good looking I can’t sing.

    360 please

  • I would shape shift into a clock. Time is of the essence and the enemy will be forever late, making their like living hell

    Xbox 360

  • I would morph into The Spice Girls at the height of their popularity, to destroy modern music! Wait, that allready happened!

    PS3 Please!

  • The president of the state/company, i can bark orders like “new target, there is an impersonator of me kill on sight”

  • Barney the Dinosaur.

    Because come on, who wouldn’t trust Barney the Dinosaur? The ultimate weapon is one of complete deception. He may look innocent…


  • I would morph into a bowl of petunias(from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)
    Because they know so much, and no one suspects a bowl of petunias.

  • ‘I would transform into a dog – man’s best friend – and gain their trust with adorable tricks, only to rip off their testicles while they sleep.’

    I have an Xbox 360.

  • I would morph into a tree: inconspicuous, environmentally friendly, silent, and deadly — Sir Isaac Newton found out the hard way.

  • I would turn into David Wildgoose so I can award myself all the prizes Kotaku has to offer and nobody other than me can win!

    PS3 for me.

  • I’d morph into an I-phone. When I don’t perform their aps like they want, they’ll panic and kill themselves…
    Heaven forbid their i-phones don’t work.

    Xbox360 please!
    [email protected]

  • I’d morph into the current Treasurer. Then I can give out a shitty budget and doom us all! Mwahahaha.


  • I would transform into all of their mums and i would shock them to death with the home videos i would make!


  • I would morph into the recession and take every countries money, slowly destroying each one. It’s my get rich quick scheme 😉


  • I would shape-shift into a PS3 or Xbox controller…that way I would be delivered right into the enemies hands……

    PS3 pretty please

  • I’d morph into an immortal turd in a re-combustible, regenerating paper bag. The amount of bad days, and laughter, you could cause would be priceless!

    360 please!

  • I’d morph into a teen heartthrob. Heart melting, dream incinerating and completely thought devouring, I’d rip people apart from the inside out.

    – PS3 here =]

  • I would shape shift into Hideo Kojima. SO i’d get access to what the countdown time is actually counting down to!


  • I would morph into Dexter Morgan. Because no one suspects the quiet, nerdy, donut-delivering lab-rat to kill and get away with it.

    X-Box 360.

  • I would transfrom into Dick Cheney and take all the evil SOB’s of the world on a nice hunting trip

  • I would transform into the hulk taking on his great size and powers with more self control, crushing entire civilisations

    ps3 please

  • I would morph into mr T.And i pity the fool who tries to stop me from doing what ever i want ,when i am him.
    I will be working my bling and high heeled pumps like nobody’s business.
    My mohawk and lippy will scare any terrorist into telling me all their plans.

    I would like the 360 version.

  • I would transform into a pen in the head office. You get to know the documents, then can stab the head baddie in the neck!

    Xbox360 Please

  • I’d morph into the author of this article, David Wildgoose and select myself a friends as the winners. Because well, I’m evil….

    *Noticed that the PS3 winner’s entry was beyond 25 words 🙁 That’s not fair is it?

    *Ps3 by the way.

  • I would morph into Billy Mays’ beard. Unexplainable by science or religion, I would be the ruling overlord of television commercials and the media.

    PS3 or 360, surprise me.

  • I’d transform into the king’s cross bogan. That way i could chk-chk-boom! all the bad guys.

    xbox 360

  • I would morph into the “Mambo Dog” poop shooting everyone making them spawn minime mambo dogs which then poop on others eventually wiping all humanity

    PS3 Thanks!

  • i would turn into a cowbell because it causes a fever like none other and the only cure is more cowbell and then it is a downward spiral from there

  • i would turn into a cowbell because it causes a fever like none other and the only cure is more cowbell and then it is a downward spiral from there


  • I would transform into a ball of mass that shoots out gigantic spikes from all sides. That way no one would be able to approach or even touch me. It’s unstopable.

  • I would morph into a vagina. Ever man knows thats the ultimate weapon than can never be beaten.


  • Christian Bale. Because I would yell extremely loudly at anyone who opposed me and then we would be finished professionally.


  • I would transform myself into Windows Vista and implant myself in the enemies computers. Then they would all die from my terrible software capabilities.

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