WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

PS2CoverSheet108We're giving away copies of Prototype all this week. Hit the jump to find out how to enter today's draw or if you've already won yesterday's.

We asked you to describe in 25 words or less the shape you would shift into to become the ultimate weapon, just like Alex Mercer can do in the game. Monday's winners are terrifying and ingenious, respectively:

Monday's Xbox 360 Winner James C - "I would morph into the Lambada, the forbidden dance. It cannot be stopped or contained, and there is no cure."

Monday's PS3 Winner Glenn - "I would shape-shift into a chair. You could sit all day long inside the enemy’s headquarters, learning all their secrets, and they would be none the wiser. It’s not very ultimate but it is sly."

We're giving away another two copies of Prototype today - one on 360, one on PS3 - so to be in the running you'll need to add your entry to the comments below. (And hit the original post for the full details and terms & conditions.)


    I would transform into Peter Costello. Biding my time on the back bench while the enemy destroys themselves, then I would take over.

    Console: Xbox360

      A weird, 6 legged hybrid of a Rhino and a Turtle, which can charge through buildings, yet is protected by thick, near indestructible plating.

      Console: Xbox 360

    Does this mean I can enter a less shitty idea today or does my entry from yesterday carry over?

    I would shape shift into Matthew Hayden so i could take a cricket bat to the bad dudes head and watch it explode!


    Also, I thought it had to be a living entity? From the original: (person, creature, any living thing)

    I'm not saying take the prizes away from these guys, the guys that won are hilarious. I'm just asking if we can be mechanical stuff as well.


    I would shape-shift into a Robin Williams stand-up routine... Cause his jokes are all....'killer'!!!

    I would morph into a "Choose Your Own Adventure," book so my enemies would eventually reach their literary demise on page 63.

    PS3 please!

    Old Greg! I’d rule the world with Bailey’s and my downstairs mix-up, the ULTIMATE weapon, a Mangina! I’m Old Gregggggg!!!!!

    Console Preference: PS3

    I would shapeshift into a water cooler, so I could spike the enemy's water supply with Swine Flu, Alcohol, Viagra - for any evil purpose needed!

    PS3 or 360, I'm easy :)

      I wouldn't call spiking your-water-cooler-self with alcohol and Viagra as 'evil'. I'd call it awesome!

      I'd shape-shift into Hideo Kojima and continuously beatdown the gamers of the world with countdown teaser sites.


    My arch enemy. After inheriting their memories I obviously learn their master plan. Combining this knowledge with all their powers, I would be unstoppable.

      Damn, forgot console. It's PS3, same as yesterday :)

    I would morph into a series of keyboards and replace all the keyboards in the shadow military group's headquarters, to collect passwords and pron sites. - PS3 version plz :)

    I would morph into Krystal Forscutt, hypnotizing men with my hypnotic breasts before getting what I want from them.

    I would morph into gandhi, no one would suspect a thing, then BAM!


    I would become Jean Reno. Nuff said.

    PS3 plz

    I would transform into a football - it might be the only way I'd ever get onto the MCG...

    360 ;)

    The band Amon Amarth. Face-melting riffs, bone-crushing vocals, and songs that can destroy entire star systems. Gives 'Music as a Weapon' a whole new meaning!

    -Xbox 360 please

    I'd shape shift into the man himself, Rick Astley. My enemies would simply turn and run. "Never gonna give you up!"

      Whoops - PS3

    I would shape-shift into Hulk Hogan and become THE ULTIMATE WEAPON (1997). I would drop cheesy one-liners non-stop in an attempt dominate the world (or at least the action movie world).

    PS3 please.

    I'd morph into the greatest villian the universe has ever seen... KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN Noonien Singh.

    I would shape shift into a Jehovah's Witness because everyone avoids them and I would be able to get away with anything!


    [email protected]

    I would morph into Barbara Bush. She was the mastermind behind the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan; George was a pawn…

    Clare Werbeloff - The Chk-Chk-Boom girl fools people with her lies (stealth) and her racist jibes would leave others with heart attacks. 360 please.

    shapeshift into multiple copies of oneself.
    the ultimate army, limited only by the amount of meatbags available.
    each copy being a unique ‘prototype’.
    mercer’ling rush.


    (posted last night after midnight.. so it should be lumped in with today's entries?)

    I'd be morphing into a supercomputer, to hack into the computers of the Evil Organisation (tm), and destroy their secret plans, along with anything else I could.

    I'm a 360 person, myself.

    And yes, I am a geek. (How did you guess?)

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