WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

CODWAW_ps3_PKG_gm_09We have two more copies of Prototype to give away today. Find out how you could win.

Alex Mercer, Prototype’s protagonist, is a shape-shifter. We wanna know what you would choose to shape-shift into with the aim of becoming the “ultimate weapon”. Give us your answer in 25 words or less, along with your console of choice and your email address so we can contact you if you win.

We have two copies again to give away today, one on 360 and one on PS3. Meanwhile, here are yesterday’s thematically similar winners:

Wednesday’s PS3 Winner
Paul W – I would morph into Evil Scissors, the pair your mother always eluded to every time she caught you cutting up things and scalded you with the line “Not with the Good Scissors!”

Wednesday’s Xbox 360 Winner
RobotFart – I would shapeshift into a pair of scissors attached to a pair of legs so I can constantly run around and cause untold destruction.

Also, quick mention to “jimmy” whose entry below made me chuckle:

jimmy – I’d shape-shift into a an omnipotent bipedal creature with the rule-checking capabilities of David Wildgoose; the cute, unsuspecting aesthetics of a butterfly; velociraptor and chainsaw versions of Chuck Norris’ hands; an aerodynamic shark fin so I can fly; an inbuilt jetpack for no reason; and a “Chk Chk Boom!” ultra combo finish. With all these powers combined I will be a weapon of mediocrity, not destructive enough to kill you, but annoying enough to put suicidal thoughts in your head.

Check the original post for the full terms and conditions.


  • I would transform into the world’s largest sheet of photocopier paper and fling myself around until the enemy is riddled with annoying paper-cuts.

    Playstation 3, please Guv.

  • I’d shape-shift into a winning, witty comment and runaway with a free copy of Prototype on PS3.


  • I would become a competition on Kotaku so that i could have free reign to cause destruction while everybody else is thinking up witty answers.

  • I would transform into a Rock, a piece of paper and a pair of scissors; that way I got all the bases covered.

    On PS3 please.

  • I’d shape-shift into an adorable little pony. I wouldn’t have any special abilities… I just really, REALLY love ponies.


  • 3rd times a charm, I’d morph into a Kotaku staffer, WITH the ability to count, the most rare of all beings, bah to hell with it all, shove ya damn copies of prototype for all I care now. Lousy cheating winners, which are both scissors, there were some great responses in there, but you pick 2 scissor ones???? Cmon, I mean seriously, theres about 400 frickin words in the first one, get it together.

    Oh, ps3 please. 😉

  • I’d shape-shift into Bruce Campbell’s character from Army of Darkness; Ash Williams, then I’d shout “This is my BOOM stick!” and my enemies would quake in terror.

    PS3 or 360 please

  • I would change into a giant ladder, forcing the entire city to walk under me. Bad luck for the entire population!


  • I would morph my head into the moon and constantly headbutt the earth until it explodes. Yeah, I’ll give that a try.

    Console: PS3

  • I would transform into a non-stopping talker and every time I would open my mouth, beams of light would shoot out and vaporize evrything in my way.

  • I’d morph into the aged pension – always that 1 year older forcing the enemy to work into their twilight years.

    PS3 please.

  • I would morph into Carl Weathers and get a stew goin…an evil poison stew.

    360 or PS3, 360 preferred

  • I would transform into an innocent girl scout, selling poisoness cookies to all those who get in the way of my diabolical plans of world domination.

  • IN 25 WORDS OR LESS…. Since when is 32 words under 25??? And yesterdays was over 25 aswell… Seems that rules don’t apply to this competition. So i’m not going to even answer the question and i’ll probably have a chance of winning.

    Xbox360 please.

  • i would turn into a giant mosquito and hover around yout face as you sleep and let you wake up with 20 bites and malaria.


    • rephrase

      i would turn into a mosquito and make an annoying humming sound in your sleep and bite you until your face looks like Kirby’s

      Same as before PS3

  • I would transform into a used condom with untold amounts of semen and be the cause of the increase amount of single mothers in America!

    BTW… I’m the villain. Take that America!

    XBox 360 please… seriously… please!

  • An iPod who’s volume was stuck at 100%, I’d lie in wait, ready to wreak destruction upon whoever’s ear’s decided to touch my click wheel…

    PS3 plx

  • I would shape shift into the apple iphone because from what I understand there is an application for whatever I need…….Just not photo messaging

  • Pie! Not just any pie, but poisonous sweet apple pie at that. Who could resit just having one little bite, so deadly but so tasty…

    PS3 Version Please 🙂

  • I would transform into a Wiimote and promptly destroy your television and your best friends left nut.

    -either system please

    • Id transform to obama, im the most powerful person in the world and everyone loves me so u better watch your ass.

      PS3 Please

    • I would morph into ‘that someone’ jimmy thinks he’s shape-shifted into. With us now sharing the same mended heart, beating as one, we can both heal in our broken heartedness at not winning so far…
      David, taking pity on us, awards us a copy of Prototype (360). At last! I would then promptly morph into a heart attack and do jimmy in. Medical technicalities at all of this being possible aside, victory is mine!

  • I would shape-shift into man’s greatest foe: the zipper. This would force men to take great care when getting dressed… otherwise it’s a one-way trip to the emergency room. Very annoying, but very deadly.

    PS3 please.

  • You know how every Bond movie has the hot Bond girl as an enemy?

    I would morph into her underwear, not only do I become undetectable I’d probably forgot all about my mission.

    Until the ending scene with her and Bond… then it just gets creepy.

  • I will morph into Duke Nukem. Everyone will get excited by my return, but die of old age before that.

    xbox 360

  • You know how every Bond movie has the hot Bond girl as an enemy?

    I would morph into her underwear, not only do I become undetectable I’d probably forgot all about my mission.

    Until the ending scene with her and Bond… then it just gets creepy.


  • the average 3 year old child asks 345 questions a day…perhaps not the ultimate weapon but enough to make anyone suicidal.

    xbox 360

  • I would morph into my grandmother naked. The first step to true stealth is making the enemy unable to look at you. Making their eyes melt would probably help too.

    Xbox 360 please

  • I would morph into an eight armed, 12 eyed gaming monster. I could game,finish assignments and watch porn all at the same time.

  • I would transform into a toothbrush with hidden bacteria, cursing enemies with (said slowly and in a booming voice) gingiviiiiiitis!!!


  • I’d shape shift into Michael Atkinson and let my enormous ego, ignorance and stupidity destroy everything that’s right and makes sense in the world.


  • I would shift into a word-counter and destroy most of the other entries and winners in this competition, keeping the codes for myself!


  • I’d morph into Botoxman, with the ability to inject copious amounts of botox into foreheads the world over, rendering everyone permanently mildly surprised.

  • i would of turned into bill gates and made vista really bad and crap just before its released…oh wait never mind


  • I would transform into a Gomco clamp/ scalpel preforming circumcisions on all my foes leaving my enemies watching me take prototype while they hold their now smaller members


  • I would transform into a Bazooka. None of these Geek culture references or subtle jokes. I’d just wanna blow stuff up.

    PS3 or 360 Please!

  • I would turn into ‘The Claw’ from Jim Carrey’s ‘Liar Liar’. Remember how scared that kid pretended to be? *Nothing* can defeat The Claw.

  • I would transform into a serious looking Crime Scene Investigator, one who constantly changes his mind about sunglasses…This form would be deadly due to him needing constant bodies to Investigate and thus the murder rate would rise, wherever I went, furthering my evil plans!!!

    -360 please

  • I would transform into the public transport system and cause untold agony by never running on time.

    Console: Xbox 360

  • With the Swine Flu set to reach pandemic levels in Sydney, I would morph in to a massive batch of Tamiflu and save the day! Someone’s gotta take the ‘Good guy’ approach right?

  • I’d shapeshift into a water bottle. Wait for the victim to gulp me down then revert to human form to tear his guts out in a most menacing manner.

  • I would transform into a donkey made out of poisoned cotton candy, silent and deadly, no one would ever suspect my ass of mass murder.

  • Shark nets….. GIANT shark nets placed around Manly Beach. I’m sick of all our little bitey sea companions.


  • I would morph into a kebab shop – no enemy could resist my 2am charms, only to fall victim to my Garlic Sauce… OF DOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

  • I would transform into long and winding fence that surrounds my enemies. If inFamous has taught us anything, it’s that fence is a superbeing’s worst enemy.


  • Sienna Miller – Destroy all married mens relationships around the world, leaving them broken and easy to beat. 360 please.

  • I would morph into seven hundred cars and cause a traffic jam so big it would cause any normal person to go insane and go on a rampage, and thus I would become the ultimate weapon.

    PS3 please.

  • I’d morph into 4chan. jesus christ, that place will kill your inner child AND inner adult in 5 minutes tops.
    PS3 please 😀

  • I’ll transform into a moneyback guarantee form, but written in swahili with several different reference numbers in which only 1 is the real code, plus some numbers look like letters, not to mention I will lose myself in the mail.

  • I would sharpe-shift myself into the Planeteers so we could summon the worlds greatest super hero Captain Planet.


  • I would transform into Macgyver. So i can use everyday items to make the ultimate weapon. No one suspects the everyday item! Paperclips anyone?

    360 please!

  • I’d transform into an innocent civilian so I could walk the streets at night and kill silently instead of ridiculously like in Prototype.

    Xbox 360 please.

  • Powers of Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii & Retro Machines combined and built across an inter-connected series of networks known only as the “Internets” I would become a globe spanning mega beast known only as “The Kotaku”.

    Xbox 360 or PS3 please.

  • Barney the Dinosaur.

    Because come on, who wouldn’t trust Barney the Dinosaur? The ultimate weapon is one of complete deception. He may look innocent…


  • I would transform into a piece of paper. No matter how hard you try you can never fold me in half more than 12 times.

    That would be the ultimate weapon of frustration >:]

    360 Please.

  • I would transform into an atrocious smell that wafts through my enemies ranks causing deaths from infighting (“No, YOU farted”) and shock (spicy curry fart).


  • A titanium armadillo. Lasers for eyes. Acid breath. A morning-star-like spiked tail.
    Can’t make a weapon more ultimate (without Chuck-Norris-crossbreeding).


  • I would transform into the antithesis of the ultimate prototype: Alex Mercer, aged 67. No longer a prototype but the ultimate in shape-shifting tech, Retirement Mercer would wear corduroy, rant about the good ol days and win battles with ease.

    -360 please 🙂

  • Water, to flood the enemies’ canteen, right after lunch. Death within 30 minutes of eating.

    The “I-Ching” (book of changes) but with only predictions of DOOM, making my enemy commit suicide from hopelessness.

    A meme about my enemies sucking, since people seem so affected by memes these days.

    360 please.

    • Pseudo double post from using my phone to access. Sorry, moderator, please delete the first one.

  • I would morph into the CEO of Square Enix and announce the Final Fantasy 7 Remake exclusive to the Xbox 360, thus killing all Ps3 fanboys in the enemy base.

    Playstation 3

  • I would shape shift into both xbox 360and ps3 combine so evrey one could enjoy the awesomeness of next gen gamming lol i dont know just give me a copy of the game lol xbox or ps3 haha

  • I would become an X-Ray machine, then destroy the enemy base with all the explosives I pick up when I scan people.

  • I would transform into a ‘blocker lemming’. As long as the world reamins in 2D, i would cause so much grief.


  • I would become a studio called 4D Realms and spend the next decade not making the game, Did Not Finish.


  • Triple entry:

    1. Turn to water, flooding the enemy cafeteria RIGHT after lunch, resulting in death from swimming before 30 minutes is up.

    2. Turn to the I-Ching (Book of Changes) and predict only terrible futures, causing my enemies to commit suicide from hopelessness.

    3. Turn to a meme about my enemies sucking, since everyone seems so affected by memes these days, it would obviously traumatise them beyond belief.

    360 please.

  • I would morph into the CEO of FOX Network and extend the “So You Think You Can Dance?” contract 50 seasons. Yeah, real evil shit.

    PS3 please

  • I’d transform into a radar that can sense moronic youtube commenters, then systematically eradicate every single one of them…starting with the ps3 fanboys.




  • I would take the shape of Michael Atkinson. Is there anyone more infuriating or arrogant than he?

    – PS3

  • -ps3

    i would turn into a giant xbox 360. i would soon overheat and my loud buzzing fan would cause ear aches all over the world! MUHAHAHA!*cough*…

    • sorry not a fan boy or anything but where does the buzzing come from i never here it and they don’t heat up any more then a ps3.

  • I’d transform into an economy class seat, so cramped and uncomfortable that it would cause my foes to amputate their own limbs with a plastic knife!

    Xbox 360!

  • I would shapeshift into a Ninja with a HUGE guitar… that is actually medium size… AND WAIL ON IT UNTIL FACES MELT!


  • Chair with bung legs. A simple annoyance to enemies initially, eventually they’ll become so distrusting of all leg-based furniture that they’ll stand….. UNTIL THEY DIE.


  • I would Morph into a peanut because I mean who is gonna expect a peanut to do damage and then Bam they choke on it

    PS3 Please

  • I would shape shift into a Sales Manager so looking forward, we could leverage off the synergy and fast track a strategic fit pre Q4.

  • I would shapeshift into Kotaku’s computer and make a spike come out of the monitor when someone sits down ensuring my win or their death.

  • I would transform into a “can of air” (as the can would have a label stating this on it) but would secretly be a can of anthrax gas mixed with ice gas, so when they are in a vacuum they will need me and then take in the sweet “air”
    PS3 plz

  • I would shapeshift into an elderly driver and drive inbetween two lanes on a busy freeway at 15kph, effectively driving anyone behind me utterly insane!
    360 🙂

  • I’d become Sol Trujillo. He can destroy customers, call centre staff, share prices, political relations and his own career, just by opening his mouth.

  • I’d morph into my evil twin.
    With a resplendent goatee and penchant for crafting nefarious plans of destruction and mayhem, I would subjugate the world.

    – PS3

    *goatee rendered null and void outside the evil twin universe.

  • I will transform into household electronic items with ridiculously long fat cables that look ugly and are almost impossible to hide from fellow villains who come to visit, effectively reducing evil scheming productivity.

  • I would transform into an obscenity filter. When all of my enemy’s attempts to cuss other players are halted, they shall become frustrated and quit.

    PS3/360 (Either one)

  • I would transform into an inconspicuous football and hit people in the groin at opportune times causing hilarity to ensue.

    Either Xbox 360 or PS3

  • If one the winners can rip off Tony Martin from The Late Show circa 1991-93… :p I’ll rip off the ultimate design that Insomnic Games passed over…

    Shotgunchuck – It’s a Nunchuck, but with 2 Shotguns joined by a chain… The Ultimate Short-Range Weapon. Ash Williams is envious!


    Cheers! 🙂

  • I’d morph into a satans underwear, riddled with the souls of skid marks past and stink out the enemy with stench of fire and brimstone.

  • I would transform into a Ball-and-cup, the enemy would be so mesmerized by my wonders, marvelling at the ingenious design and would they would laugh and play distracting them from their evil work, and focusing on what is important in life.

  • I’d shape-shift into a beautiful, full breasted woman who shoots explosive babies at you. You wouldn’t know whether to run or perv, then BAM!

    – PS3

  • I would turn into a non-biodegradable piece of plastic so that I’d still be around thousands of years later.


  • has anyone else read the terms of entry???
    “I want you to tell me in 25 words or less, what shape (person, creature, any living thing) you would shift into to become the ultimate weapon.”
    the problem with this is that 5 out of the 6 contest winners so far have not won fairly… the things they chose were clearly not a person, creature or a living thing, david koshe is the only valid entry.
    a lightglobe
    a chair
    a dance and
    a pair of scissors
    are barely considered to be a person, creature, or living thing…
    how is this contest even fair if they cant follow their own rules

      • i have humour…
        you just dont follow rules…
        i never said the entries werent funny just that they didnt follow the entry conditions?
        nowhere did it say you win if your funny, ignore everything else…

  • I would shape shift into a massive tv and make every one watch the hills which would soon turn every one insane ending result in total destruction of the earth

  • Wanda from Shadow of the colossus. If he can take out all those colossus(colossi?colossuses?) then he can pretty much do anything.

  • I would change into the rules of this competition, then constantly change to annoy. Oh wait, thats been done already…

  • I would morph into Ray Martin’s hair. It is impervious to all Earth-based attacks, and can enslave the elderly to do my evil bidding.

    PS3 version please 🙂

  • A copy of DNF. The fact that I will never exist in any time or space means I can beat on my opponent from another dimension without fear of reprisal.
    – 360 please

  • I’d transform into a Canadian, then sell my Canadian bacon to the enemy. Then stop! They’d kill them selves from lack of goodness

    Hope I win, I’ve entered into each one…. PS3 as always.

  • I’d shapeshift into some sort of family jewel kicking device.

    Nothing hurts more, it truly is a weapon of possible mass destruction.

  • I would shapeshift into the form of Elvis, then refuse to do any interveiws and watch the world tear itself apart with bogus “experts” and there desperate theories on where i have been.

    360 please.

  • I would shape shift into a wall clock that loses time, hang myself on a wall in enemy HQ and make them always arrive late.

    Console: PS3

  • I shape-shift into a crazed sleep deprived psycho killer, oh wait i am a crazed sleep deprived psycho killer.


  • I would become the Windows Update reboot dialog.
    “DastardlyEvilPlan.exe scheduled in 1 minute.”
    “Your system will reboot in 30 seconds.”

  • I would transform into jesus on opposite day. that way instead of healing people of leprasy their toes fall off!

    PS3 preffered, but i have 360

  • i would transform into an escalator and then randomly stop when someone is halfway, thus making them walk up stairs like everyone else, MWUHAHAHAH! ps3

  • i would shapeshift into chuck norris and team up with Mr T to become unstopable

    ps3 and or 360

  • A demon with the head of Lorenzo Lamas, Marg Heldenberger and River Phoenix. You’d involuntarily shit your pants.

  • I would become an old person with a computer. Combining the two will create untold chaos that noone, NOONE can fix.

    (PS3 plz)

  • Pac-Man. He’s 2D, so my enemies would never see me coming if I approached head on… and CHOMP! Nothing left but their floating eyeballs! Muhahahawokkawokkawokka!

    PS3, please.

  • I’d transform into a hedgehog. Not entirely fearsome or devastating at first, but wait till you see the giant poop I leave behind – devastating.

  • I’d shapeshift into the headphones of ipod owners. Those on public transport will all succome to the subliminal messages that are played into their ears.


  • Obviously a shapeshifting boombox playing an endless loop of Phil Collins. You would clear the surrounding area and spread illness amongst the townsfolk making them malleable for world domination.

    360 or PS3 or C64 ya’ll

  • I’d morph into someone who actually articulate and witty enough to win this bloody competition and point and laugh at all the newbs that didn’t. *setting up for a massive fail*


  • Cole McGrath, who the hell wants transformation powers anyway?

    Wait, I would, to be able to transform into Cole.


  • I would transform into my enemies hopes and dreams – what better to crush them with?

    PS3 please

  • I would shift into a copy of prototype so that i could play with myself. Wait, that didn’t sound right…


  • I would transform into the school cane since it would strike fear in children and bring joy to adults.

  • I would transform into the school cane since it would strike fear in children and bring joy to adults.

    xbox360 please.

  • i would turn into a capslock key and stay permanantly on just to make it seem like everyone is yelling

  • I would shapeshift into Sydneys unreliable transport system, causing chaos throughout the business world!


  • I would shapeshift into gigantic mechanical ball with retractable metal spikes, so I can roll over and crush the enemy, watching them suffer in pain.

  • I would transform into puddle and place myself above ominous looking stairwells. Heavy machinery could also work!

  • I would shapeshift into gigantic mechanical ball with retractable metal spikes, so I can roll over and crush the enemy, watching them suffer in pain.
    PS3 (oopsie, forgot to include that part 🙂

  • Micro Machines. Small enough to remain undetected, and annoying enough to get under the enemy’s feet and trip them up if spotted.

    Xbox 360 please!

  • I’d transform into the User Account Control for Microsoft Vista. Now I can harass other people, asking them if they want to do everything.

    xbox 360

  • I’d shape shift into a Pokemon franchise that adds new Pokemon every week and bankrupt the enemy as they try to satisfy their kids.

    Platform: 360.

  • I’d morph into a Panda. While everyone’s mesmerized by how cute and cuddly I am, I’d be gathering intel to take down humanity!

  • I’ll chicken into a chicken chicken and chicken out the chicken with my chicken chicken chicken, and the chicken chicken of chicken will die.

  • I’d transform into a completely harmless pillow, cleverly disguised as a formidable entity of destruction. While the enemy worried about what I would do, my allies would get them with a sneak attack.

    PS3 heree

  • I would want to turn into a big ocotupus that could breathe on land. Be cool having eight arms and shoot poisonous ink at people.


  • I would transform into Arachnoporpoise. Half Dolphin, Half Spider. Cute, venomous and only able to communicate through a series of squeaks.

    PS3 Please!

  • A gum tree. People would fall and die climbing me, be attacked by spitfires while under me and eventually be crushed when I rot from the inside out and fall on them.

    PS3 or 360

  • A cloud, and I’d float without mercy over my enemies.


    (I’m clearly tapped out creatively. Better put some more money on my pre-order…at least I get a toy as well.)

  • I would shapeshift into a butterfly. Why a butterfly you ask? Because no one suspects the butterfly. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • The Stig. He beats scissors, paper AND rock. He sleeps inside out. He sees in ultraviolet. He is the ONLY ultimate weapon.


  • I’d turn into a Wall St stock broker – just look at the devastation they’ve caused throughout the world! And they weren’t even trying then; imagine what a pissed off banker could do…

  • We all know that working for a shady military organisation can be quite exhausting… So, I’d transform into a can of Pepsi disguised as a Coca-Cola. One sip is all it takes – An instant rage epidemic. Easily the most deceptive thing anyone could ever do. Ever. I feel bad just thinking about it…

  • I would shapeshift into a mindless Team Fortress playing drone because apparantly this is all the skill you need to get the new items now

    ps3 or 360

  • I would morph into a bird with radioactive poo, then i would fly over the enemy base and poop on his head, this will kill him by radiation poisoning!

    Playstation 3

  • If I can shape-shift into anyone, I will surely become Barrack Obama. He’s practically the ‘ultimate weapon’ in this world lol.


  • I’d morph into someone with a better imagination than myself so that they could come up with a funnier answer than this one 🙁

  • Jewel Staite, i would become Jewel Staite,Beauty,grace,and shes so damn cool that im a just shy of completely positive that she would have some sort of ninja like fighting skills.

    Alternate answer for those that don’t dig Jewel.

    A xbox360 so i could be completely awesome with all the games and media center capability’s,until i unexpectedly die causing heartache.

  • I would transform into Jack Thompson and say “Guns don’t kill people…I kill people!” Xbox 360 for mine.

    • I would transform into the multiplayer guys from halo so I keep respawning after the kill me until I kill them. Xbox 360.

  • I would transform into The Terminator and say “Take of your clothes” like from T3 and smile to scare them and when they attack me say “dont do that” and after I do my “thing” to them which is why I make them take of their clothes, I’d say “I’ll be back”

  • A fire Truck.
    Oh I have to cause destruction.. I’ll be a fire truck that sprays people and doesn’t cover the dry cleaning bill.


    (360 please! milesisbest12 [at]

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