WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

CODWAW_ps3_PKG_gm_09We have two more copies of Prototype to give away today. Find out how you could win.

Alex Mercer, Prototype's protagonist, is a shape-shifter. We wanna know what you would choose to shape-shift into with the aim of becoming the "ultimate weapon". Give us your answer in 25 words or less, along with your console of choice and your email address so we can contact you if you win.

We have two copies again to give away today, one on 360 and one on PS3. Meanwhile, here are yesterday's thematically similar winners:

Wednesday's PS3 Winner Paul W - I would morph into Evil Scissors, the pair your mother always eluded to every time she caught you cutting up things and scalded you with the line “Not with the Good Scissors!”

Wednesday's Xbox 360 Winner RobotFart - I would shapeshift into a pair of scissors attached to a pair of legs so I can constantly run around and cause untold destruction.

Also, quick mention to "jimmy" whose entry below made me chuckle:

jimmy - I’d shape-shift into a an omnipotent bipedal creature with the rule-checking capabilities of David Wildgoose; the cute, unsuspecting aesthetics of a butterfly; velociraptor and chainsaw versions of Chuck Norris’ hands; an aerodynamic shark fin so I can fly; an inbuilt jetpack for no reason; and a “Chk Chk Boom!” ultra combo finish. With all these powers combined I will be a weapon of mediocrity, not destructive enough to kill you, but annoying enough to put suicidal thoughts in your head.

Check the original post for the full terms and conditions.


    I would transform into the world's largest sheet of photocopier paper and fling myself around until the enemy is riddled with annoying paper-cuts.

    Playstation 3, please Guv.

      I would transform into Megan Fox...



    I'd shape-shift into a winning, witty comment and runaway with a free copy of Prototype on PS3.


    I would become a competition on Kotaku so that i could have free reign to cause destruction while everybody else is thinking up witty answers.

    I would transform into a Rock, a piece of paper and a pair of scissors; that way I got all the bases covered.

    On PS3 please.

    I'd shape-shift into an adorable little pony. I wouldn't have any special abilities... I just really, REALLY love ponies.


    3rd times a charm, I'd morph into a Kotaku staffer, WITH the ability to count, the most rare of all beings, bah to hell with it all, shove ya damn copies of prototype for all I care now. Lousy cheating winners, which are both scissors, there were some great responses in there, but you pick 2 scissor ones???? Cmon, I mean seriously, theres about 400 frickin words in the first one, get it together.

    Oh, ps3 please. ;)

    I'd shape-shift into Bruce Campbell's character from Army of Darkness; Ash Williams, then I'd shout "This is my BOOM stick!" and my enemies would quake in terror.

    PS3 or 360 please

    I would change into a giant ladder, forcing the entire city to walk under me. Bad luck for the entire population!


    I would morph my head into the moon and constantly headbutt the earth until it explodes. Yeah, I'll give that a try.

    Console: PS3

    I would transform into a non-stopping talker and every time I would open my mouth, beams of light would shoot out and vaporize evrything in my way.

    I would morph into a hanging participle, appearing in everything writtin by my enemy. My enemies would fear me, knowing what I had done.

      360....and *written

    I'd morph into the aged pension - always that 1 year older forcing the enemy to work into their twilight years.

    PS3 please.

    I would morph into Carl Weathers and get a stew evil poison stew.

    360 or PS3, 360 preferred

    Milo. Not the hearty malt beverage, but the kitty from Milo & Otis. He escapes from 3 bears and steals a muskrat. The Ultimate Weapon!

    PS3 - [email protected]

    I would transform into an innocent girl scout, selling poisoness cookies to all those who get in the way of my diabolical plans of world domination.

    IN 25 WORDS OR LESS.... Since when is 32 words under 25??? And yesterdays was over 25 aswell... Seems that rules don't apply to this competition. So i'm not going to even answer the question and i'll probably have a chance of winning.

    Xbox360 please.

    i would turn into a giant mosquito and hover around yout face as you sleep and let you wake up with 20 bites and malaria.



      i would turn into a mosquito and make an annoying humming sound in your sleep and bite you until your face looks like Kirby's

      Same as before PS3

    I would transform into a used condom with untold amounts of semen and be the cause of the increase amount of single mothers in America!

    BTW... I'm the villain. Take that America!

    XBox 360 please... seriously... please!

    An iPod who's volume was stuck at 100%, I'd lie in wait, ready to wreak destruction upon whoever's ear's decided to touch my click wheel...

    PS3 plx

    I would shape shift into the apple iphone because from what I understand there is an application for whatever I need.......Just not photo messaging

      Xbox 360 sorry



    Pie! Not just any pie, but poisonous sweet apple pie at that. Who could resit just having one little bite, so deadly but so tasty...

    PS3 Version Please :)

    I would transform into a Wiimote and promptly destroy your television and your best friends left nut.

    -either system please

      Id transform to obama, im the most powerful person in the world and everyone loves me so u better watch your ass.

      PS3 Please

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