WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

Two more Prototype winners and your last two chances to win inside.

Alex Mercer, Prototype’s protagonist, is a shape-shifter. We wanna know what you would choose to shape-shift into with the aim of becoming the “ultimate weapon”. Give us your answer in 25 words or less, along with your console of choice and your email address so we can contact you if you win.

For the fifth and final time this week, today we have two more copies to giveaway. And once again, we have one on Xbox 360 and one on PS3.

Here are yesterday's winners, both of which hit me rather close to home:

Thursday's PS3 Winner grabda - I would transform into Windows Vista SP2. Destroying the world one PC at a time.

Thursday's Xbox 360 Winner Dean Henderson - I would morph into a pen as I hear it is mightier than the sword.

Check the original post for the full terms and conditions.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed.


    *sobbing* I'd turn into a psychological mindgame that drives people insane over the course of five weekdays. Bats! Bats everywhere!


    I’d transform into a Cup-a-Soup mug and fill it with an inferior instant soup product. Come 3:30, evil henchmen arrive in for a pick-me-up... Pick-me-up fails. 3:30-itis takes full effect @ 1530 hours; The world is now my oyster.


    Only one copy left! Oh god! Um, Swineflu - crossed with Conficker - crossed with Kyle Sandilands - who shoots tiny wood splinters at you!


    I'd tranform into Michael Flatley, lord of the dance. My legs would flail wildly independent from my body and destroy all in my wake.

    [email protected]

    console - 360

    The Stay Puft Marshmallow man using his pillowy hands of destruction to squish my enemies enclosing them in a suffocating yet delicious chamber of mallow.

      360 or PS3 is fine, 360 preferred

    I'd turn into a giant game of Jenga. My enemies would be occupied playing, and when they loose, they would be crushed.

    PS3 Please :D

      *My enemies would be too occupied playing to plot anything,

    One last try =) Console: PS3

    I would transform into the capslock key, exploding in the users face everytime they think its a great idea to start "yelling" over the network.

    Just checking, when do the winners get contacted for their details? I still aint got no email yet but I figured we'd be contacted closer to the release date :P

    I'd become Skynet, so I could pre-birth assassinate all my enemies. (The proper T1 / T2 Skynet not the stupid version from Salvation.)


    i would shape shift into soulja boy doing my rediculous dance shuffling from left to right to get around the gards and if a female guard sore me i would superman that ho lol. perfect stealth moves to infiltrate a base.

      xbox or ps3

    I would transform into a telstra telemarketer and sow the seeds of chaos by continuously calling people at obscene times of the morning.

    360/Sega II

    [email protected]

      The spooky thing is you have a lot of logic there.

    I would turn into a desultory posty, because late mail is the first step to unhinging modern society.


    I would transform into a current movie torrent, people know its a fake yet they download it anyway!

    xbox 360

    I would be myself. My parents are Lebanese so I'm a weapon of mass destruction. Or I at least have one stored at Saddam's place.

    360 please.

    Has anyone said sharks with laser heads? cuz what's more deadly and fear-inducing than sharks...WITH LASERS!!!

    PS3 or XBOX 360 (pref. PS3)

      FLYING sharks, with lasers.

        Flying sharks with lasers AND CHAINSAW TEETH!

    I would transform into a hair and go into their soup.


    I would transform into a rain cloud but instead of raining water I would rain coins which will cause either deaths or a mad riot.

    [email protected]

      maybe simply raining destruction would be enough... but wanted to be more creative, so i will stick with the coins

    I would morph into the Romulan Star ship and travel back in time to destroy the earth with a red matter bomb.

      Playstation 3 please

    A runny nose, filled with swine flu.

    ps3 please.

    Boo! I entered with the whole Pen idea on Monday! :o(

    I would transform into a rose, because by Friday I'm out of ideas.

      yeah what is the deal with that you had the original idea and someone copied you and won thats crap

      Simeon, you're right. I'd forgotten your entry from Monday. However I didn't consider it for Monday's prize because you failed to mention which console you preferred. Let me dig up an alternative prize for you.

    I would morph into TROGDOR!! and burninate the world


    I'd transform in to a LOLCat so my allies can ambush enemies while they roll on the floor laughing.

    i would turn into a vending machine in japan that sells DSI's only to find out that i only eat their money


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