WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

Two more Prototype winners and your last two chances to win inside.

Alex Mercer, Prototype’s protagonist, is a shape-shifter. We wanna know what you would choose to shape-shift into with the aim of becoming the “ultimate weapon”. Give us your answer in 25 words or less, along with your console of choice and your email address so we can contact you if you win.

For the fifth and final time this week, today we have two more copies to giveaway. And once again, we have one on Xbox 360 and one on PS3.

Here are yesterday’s winners, both of which hit me rather close to home:

Thursday’s PS3 Winner
grabda – I would transform into Windows Vista SP2. Destroying the world one PC at a time.

Thursday’s Xbox 360 Winner
Dean Henderson – I would morph into a pen as I hear it is mightier than the sword.

Check the original post for the full terms and conditions.

UPDATE: This competition is now closed.


  • *sobbing* I’d turn into a psychological mindgame that drives people insane over the course of five weekdays. Bats! Bats everywhere!


  • I’d transform into a Cup-a-Soup mug and fill it with an inferior instant soup product. Come 3:30, evil henchmen arrive in for a pick-me-up… Pick-me-up fails. 3:30-itis takes full effect @ 1530 hours; The world is now my oyster.

  • Only one copy left! Oh god! Um, Swineflu – crossed with Conficker – crossed with Kyle Sandilands – who shoots tiny wood splinters at you!


  • The Stay Puft Marshmallow man using his pillowy hands of destruction to squish my enemies enclosing them in a suffocating yet delicious chamber of mallow.

  • I’d turn into a giant game of Jenga. My enemies would be occupied playing, and when they loose, they would be crushed.

    PS3 Please 😀

  • One last try =) Console: PS3

    I would transform into the capslock key, exploding in the users face everytime they think its a great idea to start “yelling” over the network.

  • Just checking, when do the winners get contacted for their details? I still aint got no email yet but I figured we’d be contacted closer to the release date 😛

  • I’d become Skynet, so I could pre-birth assassinate all my enemies. (The proper T1 / T2 Skynet not the stupid version from Salvation.)


  • i would shape shift into soulja boy doing my rediculous dance shuffling from left to right to get around the gards and if a female guard sore me i would superman that ho lol. perfect stealth moves to infiltrate a base.

  • I would transform into a current movie torrent, people know its a fake yet they download it anyway!

    xbox 360

  • I would be myself. My parents are Lebanese so I’m a weapon of mass destruction. Or I at least have one stored at Saddam’s place.

    360 please.

  • Has anyone said sharks with laser heads? cuz what’s more deadly and fear-inducing than sharks…WITH LASERS!!!

    PS3 or XBOX 360 (pref. PS3)

  • I would morph into the Romulan Star ship and travel back in time to destroy the earth with a red matter bomb.

  • Boo! I entered with the whole Pen idea on Monday! :o(

    I would transform into a rose, because by Friday I’m out of ideas.

    • yeah what is the deal with that you had the original idea and someone copied you and won thats crap

    • Simeon, you’re right. I’d forgotten your entry from Monday. However I didn’t consider it for Monday’s prize because you failed to mention which console you preferred. Let me dig up an alternative prize for you.

  • I’d transform in to a LOLCat so my allies can ambush enemies while they roll on the floor laughing.

  • i would turn into a vending machine in japan that sells DSI’s only to find out that i only eat their money


  • i would turn into a Jehovah’s witness with a really bad jamaican accent so people cant understand me and go around ”Preaching”.


  • I’d morph into a working Large Hadron Collider, and wipe out everything by re-creating the big bang/creating strange matter or any other possible doomsday scenario.

    PS3 please 😀

  • I will shape-shift into a lame answer since thats the only way to win a copy of prototype.

    xbox 360

  • I would transform into an invisible cloud of heat and go around melting “caution wet floor signs” into puddles of plastic, which people would then slip on!


  • I would morph into a copy of Prototype itself, as people would KILL each other to get their hands on me.

    xbox 360

  • I would transform into the 12.30pm bank queue – nothing eviscerates one’s soul like the image of a rapidly-disappearing lunch-hour.

    PS3 for me?

  • Sigh…I give up.
    First I thought the competition was a little serious, that we need to follow the rules (person, creature, any living thing).

    Then I thought it was all about humour, being able to bend the rules a bit. Wrong again, since it looks like the “ultimate weapon” rule is void as well.

    Now it doesn’t even seem like its about humour too. There were so many way funnier ones yesterday and I believe the pen mightier than sword call has already been made…and didn’t win

    Sigh, guess its just random, which I would have been fine with if I was told earlier. Anyway, no offence intended David, just thought I’d voice out the thoughts us readers have 🙂

  • I would transform into a personified version of Peggle, consuming people with addiction, my offspring mutating to prevent biological resistance!
    Console: PS3

  • I would become the Windows Update reboot dialog.
    “DastardlyEvilPlan.exe scheduled in 1 minute.”
    “Your system will reboot in 30 seconds.”

    Xbox 360

  • I’d morph into a bad, soul destroying relationship…I don’t feel that further explaination is required.

    Xbox 360

  • I would turn into a hand-glider in a Far Cry 2 multiplayer map. Anyone who touches me gets shot in the head! Fast!

    PS3 Please!

  • I’d transform into the insert key and overwrite everything you ever wrote in word. Everyone would go crazy and off themselves.

    PS3, Please.

  • I’d become a very expensive overdue credit card bill in my enemy’s name, dealing massive damage to their personal finances and credit rating!


  • I would become chocolate rain, And let some stay dry and others feel my pain.

    PS3 4th times the charm right? 🙁

  • I would become Steve Jobs. All would bow before me with my turtleneck of power and my army of apple fanboys.


  • I would turn into a telemarketer, spreading hate and pain with every call I made.

    PS3 (as 1st preference), or XBox360

  • I’d transform into genital warts. There’s no coming back from genital warts… trust me.


  • I would morph in to a giant squid-like monster with knives attached to my tentacles, razor blades for teeth, spider legs and acid spit.

    PS3 please!

  • Jack of Black, Power of Rock
    Demon spawn will suck on cock

    Save the world sebaceously
    Schafer sanctioned, Tenacious D


  • I would transform into a man in a bear suit, why you may ask. Well, everyone knows the attacks on Chernobyl were caused by bears as they wanted our radioactive sandwiches. We humans then made a pact with the hamsters, the hamsters agreed that if we defend them they would give us electricity using their telekinetic powers. Now all the villains in the world are bears. The most prominent of them being Yogi Bear, WE ALL KNOW U GOT THAT PICNIC BASKET FROM CHERNOBYL YOGI!!!

    PS3 plzzzzz

  • I’d morph into a massive marketting campaign that tricks everyone into buying copy’s of ET for the atari 2600. Then I’d use the case for my own purposes.

  • I would become the next Y2K virus that actually worked when it hit midnight anywhere in the world. This time you think you’ll get away…

  • Swine Flu – even though I think it’s a load of hogwash. The media has really hammed it up with all these porkies.

    I’ll be winning the PS3 version please…. now that pigs flew.

    Ok, you don’t have to put up with anymore porcine related puns… as long as I can bring home the bacon.

  • I would transfer into the bad guy’s mum, drag him kicking and screaming to his room and spank him for being a bad boy. [PS3]

  • I would become some kind of mutant teenager. With the addition of turtle DNA, I would rule the streets with my mad Ninja skills.

    Wait a minute…

    360 pweez?

  • The element zinc, so I could control all the telephones, car batteries, handguns and other things made of zinc in the world!


  • I would turn into a quivering mess on the floor in the foetal postition… oh wait, thats whats going to happen when i dont win.


  • I would turn into poisoned bacon. They would have to eat me due to my deliciousness, but would fall ill and die.


  • i would transform into my enemy…learning all his secrets and everything about him, it is said you are you own greatest enemy.


  • i would morph into michael jackson so i could blind my enemies with just one grab of my crouch and destroy their sence of sound with a single squeel! the ultimate flashbang


  • I would transform myself into an alternate universe occupied by people who think they are pokemon and they battle each other all day.


  • I will transform into a tie that tirelessly tightens from time to time because tightly tied ties are tied to increase risk in glaucoma.

    5th times the charm!
    Ps3 please!!!

  • I’d be an ant queen and send my seemingly infinite number of minions to erode the brickwork of my enemy’s headquarters


  • I’d transform into Susan Boyle and use my “heavenly” voice to distract my enemies and bring them to tears… then, I’d body slam the crap out of them.


  • I would transform into the Microsoft Office paper clip, endlessly annoying my enemies with offers of help until I drove them to madness or suicide.


  • I’d turn into Ravi from the Nintendo conference last year and air drum the entire god damn world into oblivion.

  • Hypnotoad – All Prototypes end up becoming Hypnotoads anyway… All Glory To The Hypnotoad!

    PS3 or 360

  • I’d turn into Bananaman, and keep spouting seemingly harmless phrases such as “Make sure you peel it first” and “ooh, get this big one into your mouth” and “Oh Appleman, you sprayed your sauces all over me” and make all the enemy soldiers feel really uncomfortable.

    Xbox ployse

  • I would transform into a Sword and kick the a** of the dude who said he would only be bringing a PEN to a fight! lol.
    XBOX Please!

    “Thursday’s Xbox 360 Winner
    Dean Henderson – I would morph into a pen as I hear it is mightier than the sword.”

  • I would turn into a mirror, exploiting peoples vanity or insecurities to bring them down.

    PS3 please

  • I’d become George Lucas, taking stories humanity holds dear and destroying any fond memories people have left of them. Next up – Labyrinth or Willow… hmmm…

  • I would become a global megacorporation, crash the economy, suck government funds dry and award myself a gigantic bonus in the process!


  • Eeyore – I would be too pessimistic to enter competitions. I might actually get some work done.

    Oh bother


  • I would transform into a couch. Not only would they never suspect me, but I’d be the kind of couch you slowly, but surely, sink into. Never to be seen again.

  • I’d morph into a stereotypical tough guy who’s family had been murdered and now he is out for revenge. Because then NOTHING could stop me.

    360 please!

  • A new strain of H5N300 “Bear flu” to take over the world, given all the global fear/media hype over epidemics!

    – PS3 please!

  • I’d turn into coffee grounds, wait till everyone’s hooked on my perfect brew, then blackmail the planet by threatening to take it away! Mwahahaha!

  • I’d turn into Attorney General Michael Atkinson and ban everything that isn’t G rated thus taking away all fun in the world and then everyone would curl up and give up living.


  • I would transform into a manatee. No good reason. I just can’t imagine anyone wanting to fight manatee-man.

    PS3 or 360.

  • I would become 5 knives and a cat. If you ask, why a cat? then its too late. You just got 5 new knife holes.

  • Apple. As everyone seems to need their latest product. I’d release the iSecret. The secrets consumers tell it are relayed to me. ultimate blackmail power!

    xbox 360 please

  • A landmine disguised as an ipod touch.

    Sure I’d explode, but it’d be worth it to see those greasy Apple-lovin’ fingers fly off me.


  • I would turn into a rubixs cube and fly up to people. If they don’t figure me out in 10 seconds, BOOM!


  • I would transform into E3, but only announce games like Big Rigs 2 and Dogz. Everyone will end up killing themselves.


  • Beer – Drunk them to their secrets. Make them wasted. I also come with “kill moderately”. Of course, who follows that?


  • I would transform into zippers on people’s jeans. People believing they are going crazy, checking their fly for the 58th time jump out windows.

  • I would shape shift into a barista, open my own very authentic looking cafe in LA and serve rebranded Starbucks coffee to my unsuspecting victims!

    Console: PS3

  • I would become a five cent coin. No one ever bothers with a five cent coin. My power could grow unchecked until it’s too late!

    Xbox 360, please.

  • I would shape shift into the most addictive MMO ever, making the enemy play me till they die of dehydration.

    Playstation 3

  • I would transform into a Shark. A shark with the legs of a cheetah, rows of scissors instead of teeth and lasers for eyes. The mere sight of me would cause people to shit themselves, giving me ample time to run up to them and scissor/laser them to death.

  • I would transform into my enemy’s moustache, and steal their secrets (and stray food scraps) from right under their nose. Also power of pash rash!


  • I’d turn into an astronaut aboard the International Space Station. Finally, I can watch the world burn.


  • Xbox 360

    I’d turn into the spy from TF2. Thus, I could disguise myself as myself, thus no-one would know I changed, thus letting me backstab the crap out of them.

  • I would turn into Tommy Lee, but only use my junk for good instead of evil. With great junk comes great responsibility.

    360 please

  • Turn into Joe Hockey since he does not fear Mr. Rudd and can continuously embarrass him every time.

  • Tansform myself into the patapon god and drive everyone within earshot insane with my catchy repetitve beats.


  • I would change into Cammie Dunaway and play wii sports resort at E3, the damage that could be done…


  • I will morph into a distortion mirror that makes you look fatter than you are because low self esteem takes the mood away from killing people.


  • I’d shapeshift into Matt Preston (master chef). My tastebuds could detect any threats to my glorious master weapon. The cravat.


  • I would morph into the entire cast of High School Musical and make another sequel. That would hurt a lot of people.

    Console: XBOX360

  • I’d transform into 16.3grams for antimatter stored in a battery powered magnet container, hidden in the deepest darkest corner of their base, So I could take them out all at the same time!

  • I’d transform into a spoiler, revealing that Snape kill Dumbledore, ruining the story and becoming a legend for future generations (of the internet).

    Xbox 360 please.

  • I’d turn into a joke that is inferior to every other posted, yet still win a prize for being it.

    And I mean EVERY other joke.

  • I would turn into the ford021concept car. It was little and pretty and would never win a competition at anything else.

  • I’d transform into a wave of reckless audacity. People would attempt any form of catastrophic plan coming to mind, sealing their fate with relatively minimal effort on my behalf.

  • I’d transform into Jennifer Hawkins’ underwear. I might not be the “ultimate weapon” but at least I’ll have a good time.

    … 360

  • A picture, because they are worth 1000 words since I have been told that you can win any battle with your words, especially 1000!


  • I’d turn into the last free copy of Prototype, as it is causing a huge amount of emotional and physical trauma among us winner hopefuls who can’t do anything but wail hysterically when we don’t get picked.

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