WIN! Prototype On PS3 Or Xbox 360

Prototype is a dark and violent open world action game from Activision and Radical Entertainment, developer of Scarface and The Incredible Hulk. We've got ten copies to giveaway; five on 360, five on PS3.

I knew you'd like to win one.

The thing about Prototype is that you play a guy who can shape-shift, assuming the physical identity of any living being and inheriting all their memories, abilities and powers. You use this to stop a conspiracy involving a shadowy military group and a viral outbreak that's swept throughout New York.

Prototype's hero, Alex Mercer is apparently the "ultimate shape-shifting weapon".

So I want you to tell me in 25 words or less, what shape (person, creature, any living thing) you would shift into to become the ultimate weapon. And, more importantly, why?

Leave your entry below in the comments, along with your console of choice and valid email address. (Just put your email address in the field, no need to include it in your comment.) Each day this week I'll choose one 360 winner and one PS3 winner. The wittiest, cleverest, awesomest or just plain most creative entries will win.

Prototype release on June 10 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Check out this story montage trailer for some inspiration.

And good luck!

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    Velociraptor - how could you not?! But if we're allowed to combine things, it's Velociraptor with a jetpack...

    360 kthxbai!

      Wolverine. 'Nuff Said.

      360 if that's okay.

      I would shift into a weird hybrid of a Rhinoscerus and 6 legged Turtle. Capable of charging through buildings, yet protected by a nearly indestructible shell.

      Console: Xbox 360

      The ultimate weapon I would morph into is a black hole, because not even light can escape the gravitational pwnag3 I would unleash on this mortal realm BWAHAHAHAHAAH!

    Alex Mercer. Shape shifting into the ultimate shape shifter to create the ultimate shape shifting weapon. Did I mention shape shifting?

    Chuck norris, the original proto-type for man, only harder.

    The only form anyone would need (to take from a meme): Velociraptor with jetpack and Scissors. No one would be left alive...

    email: [email protected]
    Console: xbox360

    Chuck Norris with chainsaws for hands!


      Actually, scratch that. I want the creature that results when a facehugger from aliens impregnates a giant mutant chameleon. Invisible acid spitting awesome!

    -_- god dammit.

    Gundam...hands down!

    Shape shifting into a Lion would be awesome, it would be a great way to impress when i'm the king of the jungle.


    Jenifer Hawkins. She could get any man to do anything she wanted. The ULTIMATE WEAPON!

    xbox 360

    Rashad Evans, this would allow me to become the "Ultimate" weapon. Who needs shape shifting when you can KO everyone? Xbox 360 :)

    Ultimate weapon? Easy. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    Oh wait, wrong game.

    Hang on, no Ghostbusters in Prototype universe. Stay Puft FTW!


    Electricity, sucker punch the fools with some lightning. ;)

    I use the black box with the blue disc thingies.

    Pirate jesus with a sword, he could RUN across the coast looking for treasure!.

    He could drink whiskey all day long, all he would need is sea water and a little divination.

    xbox 360.

    David Wildgoose with those robotic proctologist things on each of his arms. Because sucking-up gets you everywhere, and a robot arm up your bum?! *shudders*

      (PS3 plzkthx - email embedded in comment)

    I'd be Mewtwo. Use my psychic powers to cause chaos :)

      Forgot to add, 360 :)

    The ultimate destructive force - Rove McManus - the man obliterates all comedy within a ten kilometre radius when he wakes up each morning.

    Console: Playstation 3

    Email: [email protected]

    Steve Jobs crossed with wikipedia and a ps3. Reality distortion field + completly believable knowledge + pure awesome.

    I would changed into the federal budget, to become the ultimate silent assassin.



      EDIT: I would be Wayne Swan, my budget would be the silent killer.

    A house cat. Whilst looking fierce (contemplating world domination) i'm really just laying around and doing nothing or finding the simplest ways to entertain myself.

    [email protected]
    xbox 360 OR ps3 (dont mind)

    My Mum, Because she seems to be able to control everyone anyways. Its suprising the Army hasnt yet hired her.

    PS3, Please and Thank you.

    Preferred shape: Bastard love child of Rhino and Gorilla. I would be one thundering-gouge-machine. Able to launch people/large objects/even larger objects.

    System: XBOX 360.

    A flatulent hippopotamus:
    I could attack my foes using my foul breath and gas, wade through waters without arousing suspicion and sunbathe during the downtimes.

    [email protected]

    Console of choice: PS3

    I'd have to go with morphing into Megatron's Gun form and shoot massive nukes while blasting some awesome metal music out of conveniently placed speakers.

    If Bond has tought us anything is a beautiful woman can get close to anyone. So if I were to be the perfect weapon? A leggy blonde it would be.

      If Bond has tought us anything is a beautiful woman can get close to anyone. So if I were to be the perfect weapon? A leggy blonde it would be.

      - PS3

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