WIN! Red Faction: Guerrilla Hammer, Screen And Swag

samsung-syncmasterWe have an awesome giveaway hitting today to celebrate next week's launch of the equally awesome Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Red Faction: Guerrilla destroys everything you knew about the previous games in the Volition-developed series. Instead of a linear FPS where you could blow holes in walls, think this: a vast, sprawling open world shooter where you can destroy every single structure on the surface of the planet.

It's literally a sandbox; it's Saints Row 2 set on Mars with a giant hammer. Personally, I've loved every minute I've spent with it these past few days.

So, a great game deserves a great giveaway. How does this sound?

Main Prize * A limited edition Red Faction: Guerrilla hammer. Hand painted and hand crafted, this hammer is a "life size" replica of the symbol of the rebellion. This is one of only 60 made worldwide * A SYNCMASTER 2494HS gaming monitor with full HDMI and inbuilt speakers * A Red Faction: Guerrilla Swag Bag (see below)

Two runners-up will also receive the Red Faction Guerrilla Swag Bag, containing: * Red Faction: Guerrilla messenger bag * Red Faction: Guerrilla t-shirt * Red Faction: Guerrilla double-sided A2 poster * Red Faction: Guerrilla Walker figurine * Red Faction: Guerrilla Handbook

To be in the running to win you need to take a photo and send it to us at the usual address. Not just any photo, of course.

Your photo entry must depict a demonstration of your support for the Red Faction. It must be a real photo - preferably of you. It must be taken in a public place - i.e. not your bedroom. And it must include, in some way, shape or form, the Red Faction Hammer logo - the symbol of the revolution (pictured below).

You only have until next Sunday, June 7, to get your entry in. The revolution cannot wait any longer.

Good luck, and solidarity, comrade!


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    Sounds awesome... can always use a bigger hammer ;) though the monitor and stuff is sweet too.

    Dammit. I could never get into a tattooist by June 7.

    So wait, you win everything but the game? In the city public place or just outside anywhere?

      Yes and yes, but the bolder the better!

    Can the photo be edited in any way?

      Some photoshopping is OK.

    So basically, you want us to Guerrilla market, Red Faction : Guerrilla ?

    sounds awesome, I'm in :D

    Hi, me again, just checking 1) we email a photo to [email protected]
    2) does the photo need to be resized or anything?
    3) do u need any contact info ?
    4) Can we include two photos and then you take the best one ?

    thank you so much

    awww i want the hammer…

    Are we allowed to submit ON the day it's due in by? (i.e. tomorrow?)

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