Witch’s Tale Back With A Cute Vengeance (And Screens)

A Witch's Tale – NIS' cutesy Halloween-themed role-playing game for the DS – is back after a year's absence with more tantalising Goth-tinged images.

The game features a totally stylus-controlled interface where players both move the character in the world map and control attacks and magic in the turn-based RPG combat. The press release says the story revolves around the invasion of the surface world by witches from beneath the world. A girl named Alice who can use the witches' magic against them drives them back, but the Witch Queen is still around, waiting for her chance to return to the surface.

A Witch's Tale was announced last year at NIS America's spring event. Tonight, one month shy of a year later, we got a few more details about the game. But you'll have to wait until a certain embargo lifts tomorrow to hear more. For now, have some screens:


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