World Of Warcraft Druids Getting A Makeover

In the next big content patch for World of Warcraft, Blizzard finally addresses one of the most pressing matters the game has been facing for the past several years: ugly druids.

Now the Night Elves cannot help being giant Smurfs any more than the Tauren can stop being so delicious when grilled, so Blizzard instead addresses their ugly druid animal forms, with major makeovers in store for both bear and cat forms. They're rolling out previews of the new looks slowly but surely, with today's update showcasing the Tauren druid's bear form. Compared to "ye oldde bear" in the middle there, it certainly is a marked improvement.

Blizzard will be showing off the Night Elf druid bear forms later this week, with cat forms for both races scheduled to make an appearance a little later down the line.

Updated Druid Forms Coming Soon [World of Warcraft]


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