World Of Warcraft Equipment Manager Patched In

The introduction of the long-awaited Equipment Manager feature in today's patch 3.1.2 makes playing World of Warcraft even easier, if that's possible.

Originally scheduled to be released alongside patch 3.1's dual talent specs, the Equipment Manager is one of those features that World of Warcraft players have using add-ons to take care of for years. It allows players to save multiple sets of equipment, swapping them out on the fly with the click of a button. The equipment in question must be in the character's inventory, though it can also be pulled from the bank if you've got the bank interface open. Combined with the ability to swap out talent specs, it should make playing a class that can fill multiple roles much less of a hassle.

The rest of patch 3.1.2 consists of a few class changes, a few item tweaks, and some bug fixing. Check out the full patch notes as soon as they show up on the official World of Warcraft page.

WoW Patch 3.1.2 Goes Live []


    @wtf_G: You've got it around the wrong way. That Blizzard are implementing features that have been provided by Mods up until this point is a good thing. It means that Blizz has recognised enough people use said mod and the benefit to including it in the default client.

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