Xbox 360 Avatars Ready To Stand On Your Cake

Since there are custom Mii cake toppers, you'd think there would be custom Xbox 360 Avatar cake toppers. There are.

Design firm Paul Pape Desgins is creating Avatars (along with sculpted Miis) based on the images users send in. Each 4.5-inch, hand-sculpted cake topper Avatar is priced at US$100. Paul explains why:

My Miis are created from molds I made, and thus their bodies and heads are poured plastic, and all I sculpt is the hair. The Avatars are so varied in their styles, that there is no way for me to mold any part of them, so I will be creating each by hand, starting from the armature up. This allows the customer to tell me if they want a specific pose, unlike the Miis, which are static.

More in the link below.

Paul Pape Designs Store [Official Site]


    Waste of money.

    Since it was brought to my attention by a customer recently (2012), the pricing on this is wrong, and was wrong even when it was written. The pricing for this piece was actually $200, or $100 per figure. The new pricing is $150 each, or $300.

    As for it being a waste of money, for some people I am sure it is. But others, who want a personalized keepsake from their wedding, it's actually a pretty cool item, and not a budget buster, as compared to other customized art. The piece in this picture is based on the client's Avatars and they are dressed in the actual real life wedding attire. They were very happy with the piece.

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