Yup, New PS3 Firmware On The Way

While these don't seem to be as frequent - or exciting - as they once were, some people still look forward to the release of the latest PS3 firmware. This news is for those people.

Sony have announced that PS3 firmware v2.76 will be released "soon" (which generally means in the next day or two), and that it will improve "the playback quality of some PS3 format software".

So there you go.



    I hope this fixes the graphical corruptions i get with all the Guitar hero discs.

    I hope that includes more codec support for video files, I'm sick of converting movies, mind you having tversity serving everything up, my ps3 really makes my theatre room humm along nicely most of the time, 1.3tb worth of music and movies from the couch is rather nice indeedy doo.

    supporting tags for aac encoded music would be nice

    It would be nice if they released an update that made PS2 game playback possible.

    *Continues Wishful Thinking.*

    I'm updating my PS3 to v2.76 right now.

    Oh yay, another 150mb download to give such amazing features as copy&paste! PS3 updates are such a joke...

      WHOA! They're that big?! I though my PS3 had a bad connection.

      I knew that one could down load a large file of the Sony Web site but I assumed that was a complete version while an update via the console was just a patch.

        The trick is to download them from the Sony web site, so you can play your PS3 games offline while you wait.

        I do wish that Sony would prioritise modifiying their update mechanism to use patches though. How difficult could it be? Imagine how much money they'd save in bandwidth costs. (And they posted a loss for 2008. Cost-cutting, anyone?)

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