Zen Pinball Launches Next Week On PSN

Zen Pinball Launches Next Week On PSN

PlayStation 3 didn’t have long to wait for their pinball fix, as Zen Studios announces a May 14th launch for Zen Pinball on the PlayStation Network.

Announced just last month, Zen Pinball delivers four tables worth of mission-filled pinball action to pinball-hungry PlayStation 3 owners. According to the developer, the final product is looking very good.

“Arcade fans have been anxiously waiting for this game, and we’re pleased to announce that we have confirmed the release date,” said Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director for ZEN Studios. “Our team has put a lot of hours and hard work into developing this title and the results look amazing!”

Of course developers always think their final product looks very good, just like parents always think their babies are cute. Hopefully Zen Pinball builds on the gameplay Zen established with Pinball FX on the Xbox 360 and isn’t just another ugly baby.


  • Playing Zen Pinball, there’s been one nagging problem that is always throwing me off – the physics.

    Yes, you didn’t misread that, my beef with the game is THE PHYSICS. Mind you, the physics engine itself is certainly alright, but the statistics on objects needs work. First of all, the ball itself. It has far too little inertia to mimic a real ball’s behavior at all, and its maddening spinning sends it careening off to places so quickly that all it takes is a blink and I’ve lost the ball.

    That being said, the acceleration of the ball is also way off. The table must be at quite a high angle compared to the direction of gravity for it to accelerate so quickly. In real pinball, the ball certainly moves very quickly, but it doesn’t go from still to four feet per second in less time than it takes to blink twice. The previous problem comes into play when the ball hits the flippers – the spin will quite typically send it curling in one direction or another, making it rather pointless to even try to aim or time the shots.

    The 3D pinball that was free with Windows XP had more realistic ball physics than Zen Pinball!

    I’m not saying Zen Pinball isn’t a fun game, or that it’s a bad game, because I still enjoy playing it, but I really expected a game that at least feels something like the table-top game at the movie arcade. The only thing I wish for would be not just the existing option to turn off the so-called “arcade effects” but options for “Zen Physics” or “Realistic Physics”.

    One last thing to Bii Nii Wii Nii: Actually, it does have a demo, I’ve had it since the full game was released.

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