"Zombie Saturation" Has Not Yet Been Achieved

A Call of Duty developer sees life in the undead genre.

Dead Rising. Left4 Dead. Nazi zombie mode in Call of Duty: World at War.

More Nazi zombies in the first World at War map pack.

And next, in June, Imperial Japanese zombies in a swamp shamble through he second map pack for World at War.

Gamers love their zombies, but maybe they've been smothered by one too many? Enough with the zombies?

At 6:56 seconds of the 5/12 Giant Bombcast gaming podcast, Treyarch community lead Joseph Olin, who is hyping the June map pack, says:

"Out of fear of showing my zombie nerd-ism I will contend that zombies aren't saturated at all. I could play zombies for the rest of time. But people thought that about the World War II genre, right — that that was saturated? And I think that with World at War at least our hope was that we would come out with something that was new and different that people haven't been used to playing before. Hopefully that's been proven by the success of these map packs."

Zombies are forever?

05-12-2009 Giant Bombcast


    NO! WRONG! FALSE! WWII is fucking SATURATED! Why not pick another goddamn war like Korea or Marvel's Civil War. OK that last one was only because I couldn't think of any more decent wars but still...USE YOUR GODDAMN IMAGINATION!

      First of all they want to use actual wars not some made up BS. And second Play COD Modern Warfare if you don't like it. for 1 I love COD waw and the whole zombie concept. I havnt touched Left 4 Dead or any other zombie game since. I think they should come out with a game just about zombies weather they be Nazi, Japanese or American.

      Keep up the great job.

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