A Crystal Clear Look Inside The DSi

The Nintendo DSi comes in several colourful casings. But those don't let you see what's going on inside. You know, the handheld's innards.

This XCM Eye-Candy shell is a DSi replacement casing and comes with replacement buttons and a screwdriver. Yours for around US$30.

Smooth Crystal [XCM via MAXCONSOLE via OhGizmo! via Newlaunches]


    ohhh I like that a lot.

    Nice, but not nicer than black.

    Back in the day I had a Gameboy (one of the fat ones with no colours for you youngens) that came from Nintendo in clear. It was the envy of everyone because it was so damm awesome. Why don't Nintendo release it anymore themselves?

    When I had my original Gameboy, I wasn't allowed the clear one, my parents thought I'd open it up and try and fiddle with the insides lol.

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