A Match Made In Post-Apocalyptic Heaven: PitFallout!

So apparently some good came out of watching a robot learn to play Pitfall: a Pitfall/Fallout mash-up.

Giant Bomb community member buzz_clik threw theses screens together in lieu of an actual game after reading a story about the Rutgers University robot that conquered the Atari 2600 classic game. It would have been cooler to have an actual flash game, of course, but what buzz_clik lacks in programing know-how, he (or she) makes up for in Photoshop skills.

And I can't argue with buzz_clik's logic on this — the games do seem to be a match made in heaven. Or, post apocalyptic brown heaven as the case may be.

Why not make a game that combines Pitfall! and Fallout ? They're both open-world games, with our hero braving a harsh landscape looking for stuff to pocket. They both have portions that take place underground. Both games have scorpions, as any good game should. Hell, there's even an expansion for Fallout 3 called The Pitt!

PitFallout! [Giant Bomb]


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