A Quick Look At IPhone's Answer To Xbox Live

When the latest firmware update hit the iPhone and Touch yesterday so did a new gaming network for the device.

Ngmoco's Plus+ adds leaderboards, friends, and awards to the publishers games. Here's a quick look at how it works:

The home page for Ngmoco's Plus+ network. You can choose from a relatively short list of pre-created Ngmoco-themed avatars for your image.

Touching your name brings up this screen, which lets you access your awards, a leaderboard screen and a list of the games you've played recently.

When you touch the Awards option you get a list of games you've played.

Touching a game shows you the awards you the total number of award points you have earned, which awards have been achieved and which remain locked. Looks familiar, huh?

The bottom of all of the Plus+ screens has three options. One for Home, one for Friends and one for Games. This is the Friends screen. I have none. :(

You can add a friend by typing in their user name or searching through your address book. If they're not a member of Plus+, they'll get an email. Once you have friends you can challenge them directly in a game. In Star Defense you do that by playing a round and then when you loose you tap on the Direct Challenge button.

The Games screen shows all of the games available on the Plus network as well as a list of the games you own. Oddly enough, when I logged in it only showed that I owned Star defence even though I own most of Ngmoco's games. That might be because the only Plus-supported game I own of the two is Star Defense. Topple2 is the other Plus game.

When you click on a game's name in this screen you get a page that shows the awards for the game, the latest news and more details. The more details option gives you a description of the game, screenshots and, if you don't own it, the option to buy the title.


    I actually don't...
    but can you play with people online? I don't think so.

    So yea, no Xbox Live. Not even PSN and that comes first.

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