Activision Puts Higher Price On DJ Hero, Band Hero

The latest rhythm game ventures from Guitar Hero publisher Activision appear to have had their prices locked down, as online retailers are listing DJ Hero for $US120 and the younger-skewing Band Hero for $US200, higher asking prices than their predecessors.

Activision's upcoming DJ Hero, when bundled with its proprietary turntable controller, will apparently set you back $US120 for the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. The PlayStation 2 version comes in a little cheaper at $US99. Those prices come from DJ Hero "authorized retailers" Amazon, GameStop and Red Octane.

Band Hero, when bundled with microphone, drum kit and guitar controller, will run $US199 according GameStop. As GameSpot points out, that's more than the Guitar Hero World Tour kit. A surprising mark up, especially considering GameStop's recent clearance sale on Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, as well as a dip in spending on music-based titles.

All of these games run cheaper than MTV Games and Harmonix's The Beatles: Rock Band, which outprices the competition at $US249 USD.

Kotaku AU Note: Still no word yet on a local price for either title.

DJ Hero spins for $US120, Band Hero for $US200 - Retail Radar [GameSpot]


    Does anybody else think that Band Hero will come with less songs than GHWT did?

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