Activision Threatens To "Stop Supporting" Sony Consoles

Bear in mind there's a degree of saber-rattling to this, but still; Activision boss Bobby Kotick has warned Sony that his company - the world's largest publisher - may cease support the PS3 and PSP.

Speaking with The Times, Kotick said, "I'm getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don't make it easy for me to support the platform. It's expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation."

Subtle. But wait. It gets subtler.

"They have to cut the price, because if they don't, the attach rates are likely to slow," he continues. "If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony... When we look at 2010 and 2011, we might want to consider if we support the console - and the PSP [portable]too".

In that absolute worst-case scenario, that would mean no Call of Duty for Sony consoles. No Guitar Hero for Sony. No Tony Hawk. It probably won't ever come to that, of course, but Kotick's words are still worth noting. After all, when was the last time you ever saw a third-party publisher so openly threaten a major platform holder?

Sony should beware - Activision chief is not simply playing games [The Times]


    It's about damn time someone started putting it to Sony to drop the damned price... this pipedream they have of being the most expensive and leading the market as well? Not going to happen. They have 2/3 the console sale rate of the 360 and much less than the Wii... that's, for gods sake, indication alone that it's time to make it more appealing to consumers by lowering the PRICE.

    Bobby Kotick should start his own F1 team.

    Lazlow = Win

    Best comment I have seen in ages!

    I understand totally where everyone is coming from on this topic.

    But i am more on Sony's side. Yes they want to please their consumers but they are running a business. Microsoft most likely expected to lose big bucks with the Original Xbox - but did so to make a name. Get their product on the market and then quick thinking, get a new one out before everyone else. For all we know, the PS3 could be ahead of the 360 if the were released at the same time.

    Looking and the two previous generations, Sony DOMINATED. This time there are 3 very interesting, different and appealing choices. And coming from two successful and profitable generations, i dont think Sony wanna jeopodise their gaming department too much by turning over bad profits.

    Their system is an entertainment system. I know it sounds like bullshit when you read it, but in reality it is. For the $650 bucks you pay in AUS dollars for a PS3 - you are getting a Blu-Ray player, Gaming Console, Online Service, Web Browser and all that. A standalone Blu-Ray player is roughly $400 bucks or more. To back Sony, they make quality products i believe. Their LCD's are the most expensive with Samsung. But its quality and brand name.

    Just cause the 360 has had a price drop, doesn't mean the PS3 HAS to. Look at whats included between the two. The 360 is clearly cheaper to produce than a PS3.

    This aint gonna stop people from complaining, time will definitely produce a price drop. But stop being so damn impatient and let Sony run their business.

    A game publisher is totally different to a Multi-Billion Media Empire.

    Its the price they pay for using the PS3 to win the bluray/HDDVD war. The console would be much cheaper if it wasn't for that drive.

    the price has to drop....a $700 console in a recession, insane! Maybe they cant afford to do it now, but they need to do it soon or i might never buy a PS3

    Or he could like, you know, like stop spawning sequels, and you know, like, drive an initiative to bring down game prices. Like totally!

    I'm sure the PS3 needs a price drop, but it doesn't phase me too much. I already own one. I'd rather see the drive from games!

    Is it just me, or does Activision seem to be going a little crazy lately? It's like ever since the merger, they've got the idea that with more money, they've got more power, and it's clearly not the case, since you just need to look at the whole Brutal Legend thing. It's starting to be one big joke that really isn't funny.

    Let's put this into perspective... If you buy a standard Blu-Ray player online, which tends to be cheaper since they don't have to pay staff, you're looking at a minimum of $370, throw in a DS3 control for another $70, add the TB network card, WiFi, Bluetooth, the Cell Processors, USB ports, HDD, and whatever else you might find in a PS3, not to mention the free online play, and the $700AU price tag suddenly doesn't seem so ridiculous. And these days, they come with free games.

    if you cant afforf it ... dont buy it .. stop whinging about the price!

    Cmon Ferrari drop the prices of your cars because I cant afford one right now, i dont care if you will make a loss ... I WANT IT NOW! ...

      I just love it when the Sony apologists bring out the "premium" equipment argument.

      Here's a tip, the PS3 is not the Ferrari of the game console world, it is the FVP to the Falcon S, the HSV to the Commodore SS.

      And that to me is the crux of the problem. Sony's (and that of their apologists) perception of their product is out of step with consumers. It doesn't matter who is "right", just what the market expects. At the moment Sony is not delivering what the majority of the market wants. Hence 3rd place.

      PS3 = Ferrari......lmao over and over and over!!!!

    If people knew how cheap it was to make a 360 console they would be pissed at the price they're paying now. I'm on my third one at the moment but I still have my original PS3 from launch. If you can't afford a PS3, stop complaining.

    Defending the PS3 here.. I think customers will be pleased to know that will expect to own that same console for many years to come compared to a 360.

    PS3 is kinda a more expensive version of the 360. It's what the 360 Elite should be. Now when i say that, that means the price should be the same as the Elite cause thats cheaper too.

    But no - compare the features people. It costs to add these things and without them would bring a cheaper price tag but bring more whinging comments about lack of features.

    Nobody is arguing whether or not the PS3 is good value. To be honest, it is. The BD playback is among the best out there, it's quieter, more stable and it's got more features than the 360.

    The point is that the majority of people still aren't impressed by Blu-Ray, or the ability to switch internal HDDs, or Bluetooth controllers. Most people just want everything to work, and they want it for a good price. Right now the PS3 is not competitive. It's much harder to develop for than the 360 and games sell less on the platform. Activision's trying to run a business too, and if it's not profitable for them to support both consoles, they won't. Simple. Exactly the same reason why a lot of games don't ever make it to Mac - if it's not profitable, it won't happen.

    360 has the highest attach rate of all 3 consoles, the lowest entry price, the best sales figures. Sony need to do something to make sales improve. Whether that's getting a new "killer app", paying for exclusivity, dropping the price etc, I don't know. But something needs to happen sooner rather than later.
    As for Sony = Quality....well, it's not really the case anymore. I do like my Sony equipment, but Samsung's LCD panels are better (and actually made by Samsung, not some offshoot of BenQ), there's better PMPs out there, better audio equipment, etc.


    I've got a PS3. I paid AUD $398 for it, which felt like about the right price.

    The fact that anybody would consider paying $700 for ANY game console blows my goddamn mind.

    The biggest problem with the PS3 is the difficulty in programming games for it. It's powerful and has huge potential, but the people currently making games for it doesn't know how to unlock that potential yet. Before when there wasn't much competition (in the PS2 era) the programmers just had to deal with it, because that was where the money came from.
    Now with the 360 and the Wii in the market, the developers are less likely to "tough it out" on the PS3 when they can get a faster profit for developing on other platforms.
    Kind of like the Tortoise and the Hare story, the question is whether or not Sony can last the distance before the gap becomes too wide for them to catch up.

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