Aion's Western Launch Dated

The long wait is only going to be a little longer now, as NCsoft announces a September release date in North America and Europe for their highly anticipated massively multiplayer online game Aion.

Released in November in South Korea and April in China, North American and Eurpean gamers have been chomping at the bit to get their grubby little paws on NCsoft's Aion for quite some time now. With beta events in partial swing and running smoothly, NCsoft has gone ahead and penciled in a release date for the game. North American players will be able to purchase and play the game come Septeber 22nd, and after three days of relentless cross-continental taunting it will then reach European shores.

Along with the retail release, Aion will also be available for download via Steam, Direct2Drive, or directly from

I've played through several beta events so far, and all I can really say is that September 22nd seems a very long way away.


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