Alan Wake Story Details, New Screens

Xbox 360 exclusive psychological action thriller Alan Wake is hitting Autumn 2010, telling the story of a bestselling author's battle with writer's block. Obviously, that battle gets a little more interesting when shotguns are involved.

Developer Remedy, responsible for the Max Payne series, is bringing "multilayered character interactions, unique problem-solving and intense combat against terrifying enemies" with Alan Wake, a title that looks to have a big focus on play with the contrast between light and dark.

In the trailer we saw during Microsoft's E3 press conference, Wake fended off nightmarish creatures with a flashlight and flares, powering a giant floodlight with a generator to stop of horde of things not quite human.

Players will assume the role of Wake as he searches for his missing wife in the Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls. The official announcement name checks Twin Peaks and The X-Files, should you like that kind of vibe. Further details are harder to come by, as the official release notes that Alan Wake will be a mission-based title that has a heavy focus on story. But since we have eight new screens of the game, consider another 8,000 words attached to this post.


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