America's Army 3 Devs Let Go Day After Launch

The Emeryville, California based development studio responsible for America's Army 3 has been shut down, according to details forwarded to Kotaku by former staffers. That closing comes one day after the U.S. Army funded simulation officially shipped.

According to ex-AA3 developers, the contract studio responsible for the latest America's Army entry was shuttered due to a lack of funds, with future development allegedly moving to an unnamed Alabama-based developer. The newest game in the publicly funded series is experiencing some growing pains, as one can likely glean from the game's official support forums.

The anonymous America's Army 3 developers in touch with Kotaku unsurprisingly didn't sound too pleased with the current situation, venting that "a lot of good people [worked]insanely long hours on this game that was butchered by outside sources."

We've contacted reps from America's Army public relations team to confirm the news.


    I got it of Steam and it won't even let me do the training missions - let alone multiplayer ones. You'd think that they would at least fix the game before they fired the people that made it.

      Works for me. Then again I also had a beta account. I cold play it as soon as I had it off steam, you could run the exe manually and I could use my beta login fine.
      You can't do the training if you're logged in to the offline (LAN) part though.
      This is sad news, but the key part of it is "contracted". I thought that's how contracts work? You do what you're paid to do and then the job is done...

        They could have been contracted to maintain the game after launch as well.

        It's a very poor project plan that doesn't allow for the inevitable Day 1 issues that only release will unearth.

    To be honost I could really care less. The devs are to blame here and they won't admit it. They've been working on this game for t 3 years and this is what we get? Good ridence.

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