And The Biggest Poster At E3 Is...

E3 is back. Back as a big show. And nothing says big like this Assassin's Creed 2 poster, which is by far the "biggest in show".


    Pity Assassins have one of their fingers removed for the blade to extend properly...

      No they don't. Altair was just punished and had a finger cut off. It just worked out really well that he could pull a fist and still stab suckers. Hmmmmm, kind of convenient when you think about it.

        Sorry Chris, the Assassins did have their fingers removed as a write of initiation (in the game anyway). Altair was punished with a stab to the groin. The reason Ezio has all 10 fingers is he isn't an Assassin.

        Sorry bout that. My bad!!!

    What Altair is saying in this poster is "my first game sucked this much." :P

    How big is it?

    "Its thiiiiiiiiiis big"

    Its funny cause he is showing you with his hands... you know like a know, stretching them.. oh never mind.

    "No seriously....The one I caught was this big"

    Heh..Im kinda looking forward to AC2...the first one was intriguing, but fell down in the middle with the lack of I hope this one can take what AC did well and run with it.

    What is wrong with his thumb? It looks as long as his index finger. And about as thick too.

    Even though the gameplay got a bit repetitive, the assassinations were good and the actual story was top notch. No complaining from me.

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