Announcement: There Will Be No Mass Effect DLC Announcement

Earlier this week, Evil Chris on the Mass Effect Twitter channel told us to expect some ME1 DLC news by Friday. Well, Friday happened, so what's the word?

Tweeted Evil Chris yesterday: "Due to circumstances beyond my control (me being stupid on timing), any news of more ME1 DLC will have to wait. Sorry folks."

In reply to a fan, he expands the mea culpa: "Totally my fault for getting hopes up. I don't want to speculate and do it again till I'm sure."

The Twitter feed did manage to dribble out one piece of news for Mass Effect fans. In the next 10 days, Mass Effect Galaxy will get a patch, delivering an estimaged 50 percent performance boost for lower-end iPhones and iPod Touches. BioWare: Mass Efect DLC News 'Will Have to Wait' [VG247]


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