Another Look At Midway Newcastle’s Necessary Force

Another Look At Midway Newcastle’s Necessary Force

We got a brief peek at an early trailer for Wheelman developer Midway Newcastle’s in-development title Necessary Force the other day, but the team, currently shopping the game and studio around, is lifting the veil further.

The violent cop drama is said to be only a few months old, but currently playable, focusing on a police detective that plays by his own rules—as interesting fictional police detectives are wont to do. Some two dozen-plus pieces of artwork from Necessary Force highlight some of the game’s planned police brutality but also appear to highlight an actual use of colour in the gritty game.

While gritty, ultraviolent open world police dramas aren’t necessarily my “thing”, the title looks interesting. It’s intriguing if only for the reason that we’re getting a peek at the game’s artwork and visual design before any real chance of release, not as some post mortem highlighting what could have been.

Artwork [Necessary Force]

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